Deck Services: Repair & Maintenance

More often than not, decks are indisputably referred to as a ‘beautiful additions’ to our homes. Wouldn’t it therefore be such an oxymoron to have an unsightly deck? 

Think about it! An unsightly deck would literally contradict the epitome of a deck!

Reality Check!

Just like everything else, decks require routine maintenance and repair, in order to remain aesthetically appealing! More so, because they are helplessly exposed to harsh but natural elements like the sun, rain, wind and snow, day in and day out.


Now, beauty is one thing, but safety is another! This is especially true if you consider children and pets in ‘circle of loved ones’!
Deck Services, Repair and Maintenance Washington DC
Do you have unstable deck surfaces as a result of:

  • Warped deck boards?
  • Missing Nails?
  • Loose handrails?
  • Rickety posts?
  • Mold infested deck boards?

How about ‘germ-laden’ deck surfaces as a result of:

  • Mold maybe?

Our Mission

That’s where we come in!

  • To remedy anything that even remotely compromises the beauty and safety of your deck!

Decks are Investments

At Triangle Legacy, we believe that everyone is entitled to a full return on their investment(s), and you are no exception to the rule. Neither is your deck!

Communication is Key!

One of our core values is that communication is essential. So to prove it, we offer one free consultation & estimate prior to the commencement or not of any service we provide, no exceptions!


Our deck services primarily comprise of:

However, as we work hand in hand with numerous experts and professionals, we are both able and happy to oblige to whatever your deck repair and maintenance needs may be.

The Bottom Line

At Triangle Legacy, no job is too big or too small AND we are firm believers that one size does not fit all!  For all your deck repair and maintenance needs, call us at (301) 523-9419 and tell us how we can help you.

We currently service all cities within a 30 mile radius of Germantown MD and Northern Virginia areas.