Dehumidification and Moisture Removal

The Dehumidification process is important because it can save time and money in restoration and replacement costs, as well as productivity costs due to downtime and delayed production schedules. Triangle Legacy’s professionals are expertly trained in learning how to lower moisture levels safely. The process is a scientific one called Psychrometrics. Psychrometrics is the study of the physical and thermal properties of air and water vapor mixtures. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about Psychrometrics because the pros at Triangle Legacy know all about how to use it to your advantage. You want trained professionals to provide this service to avoid secondary damages to your residential and commercial properties. Can you really afford to allow untrained restorers to “help you after a disaster or with storm damages”? The dehumidifiers operated by Triangle Legacy’s professionals have the power, capability and expertise to remove moisture from, among other things:


1. Basements

2. Carpets and padding

3. Cement floors

4. Drywall

5. Insulation

6. Interior paint

7. Plaster Drying time is greatly reduced because Triangle Legacy’s professionals adjust the locations and types of dehumidifiers as drying conditions change to provide you with a service customized to meet your needs.

Triangle Legacy’s professionals relieve you from the worries of:


1. Attempting to dry the structure and interiors yourself

2. Estimating relative humidity and how best to balance it

3. Measuring the cubic feet of the damaged area and how much dehumidification is required to provide expert drying

4. Guessing how much time it will take to dry the structure and evaluating whether or not all moisture had been removed.

5. Trying to determine the extent of the damage.

6. Evaluating whether or not your carpet and padding is salvageable. Let the professionals at Triangle Legacy customize their service to meet your moisture removal needs. Call us at 800-830-3324 for a personalized consultation. We are available 24 hours each day and 7 days a week. Emergencies Just Won’t Wait.