Disaster Management Services – Your Best Bet

Sometimes nature strikes back. At times nature can really be brutal. Fearing for your safety and that of your loved ones is bad enough. There isn’t much to be done when you are in the grip of nature’s fury, except wait it out. When you are left with the eerie calm after the storm, only then do you begin to understand the devastation to your property and real estate.

Don’t lose heart or hope. We know it isn’t so easily said and done but consider this option. You cannot deal with the damage that has been done by being hysterical about it. Unfortunately, the milk was spilled; now how can we deal with the mess most efficiently. Triangle Legacy’s disaster management services are the key to your solution.

If you are looking to make the restoration of your home (or any other affected structure) as swift, professional and non-disruptive as possible then Triangle Legacy is the one for you. Triangle Legacy provides experienced and highly specialized disaster management services. From handling storm damage in Washington DC to emergency flood damage restoration in DC, Triangle Legacy is a trusted name in the business today. Most importantly, you can put your trust in the right hands.

What Can You Expect?

Key procedures carried out by the disaster recovery team:

  • 24/7 emergency services – Our emergency services never take a break. As soon as we receive your call or message, we are onsite within a few hours of your call or click.
  • Punctuality – We ensure timely damage assessment and damage estimate
  • High-tech water extraction and removal machinery to eliminate most the of water – Specialized suction machinery is used to drain the excess water which damages flooring and carpets.
  • Moisture removal equipment – This is an important step when dealing with water removal from your quarters. Industrial grade air movers and massive dehumidifiers are employed to eradicate any residual moisture content.
  • Reconstruction of the affected areas in the structure – Unfortunately some areas might just have been more susceptible to serious damages as compared to other parts of the structure. If it is an absolute requirement, then we take care of reconstruction works as well.
  • Air purification, deodorization and sanitation procedures – This procedure is required to rid the house of any stale or musty odor that might have arisen due to mold from the high moisture content.
  • Insurance claims assistance – Insurance claims can be the most hassling part of this entire process unless you have the right people to help you out with it.
  • Comprehensive water damage repair services – Once all the repairs have been completed your home is now back to normal.

Flood disaster recovery in Washington DC or for that matter any type of flood damage can be seamlessly handled by the experts at Triangle Legacy.