Disaster Restoration Montgomery County MD

(Water Damage Restoration; Mold Mitigation & Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning Services)

At Triangle Legacy, Montgomery County – Maryland, we know first-hand that a microscopic roof leak has the uncanny potential to result in the ultimate destruction of a once ideal home, business or person! We know that ‘prevention is much better than cure!’, and we also know from experience, that in the absence of routine preventative maintenance, it is imperative that you ‘nip’ the first sign of any damage in it’s proverbial bud’ before it ‘nips’ back at you and your bank account!

When it rains, it pours they say, and they are right!

  • Primary Water Damage leads to Secondary Water Damage
  • Secondary Water Damage leads to Mold Infestations
  • Mold Infestations lead to Weak Property Foundations
  • Mold Infestations also lead to Potentially Compromised Health
  • Potentially Compromised Health leads to Increased Medical Bills
  • Weak Property Foundations lead to Decreased Property Resale Value

So, who is Triangle Legacy and why should you choose us?

In short……

best flood restoration expertsWe are a team of professionals who boast expertise in residential and commercial disaster restoration services in Montgomery County, Maryland. When you choose Triangle Legacy, you get integrity, reliability, professionalism, expertise and passion, not to mention communication and empathy! Our numerous five star reviews on Google Plus, vouch for the fact that when you choose Triangle Legacy, you get more than just service, but an actual experience!

Water Damage Restoration Services Montgomery County MD

The unfortunate reality about flood & water damage is that in more cases than not, it results in extensive and costly repairs. The awareness of such a potential financial burden, in combination

flood restoration Montgomery County

with the feeling of helplessness (as you can all but watch the water destroy your valuable possessions) can be extremely overwhelming, and Triangle Legacy gets that!

So, to alleviate the magnitude of the situation at hand, we provide you with emergency water and flood damage response services around the clock, literally!

Our services include emergency water extraction, leak detection, repair, drying, dehumidifying, etc., etc., etc. All you need to do is call us at (301) 523-9419, and bar any unanticipated obstacles, we will be at your service address within an hour of your call to provide you with expertise, manpower, water-removal pumps, humidity control units, air movers and whatever else the situation at hand might call for.

Mold Mitigation in Montgomery County MD

Got Mold?

No, bleach is NOT the answer!

Contrary to the popular belief, bleach does not necessarily eliminate mold at its root. In more cases than not, bleach only makes mold invisible to the naked eye, by doing what it does best, ‘bleach it’!

You see…

  1. Mold is a potentially detrimental fungus that is found in multiple forms in nature. In addition to all of its other characteristic features, it tends to grow in the form of multicellular thread-like structures called hyphae, which have the capacity to penetrate porous substrates, like drywall, thereby acting like a root system.
  2. The type of bleach that we typically use at home is chlorine based with sodium hypochlorite as one of its primary components. Chemically, the ionic molecules of the latter are largely unable to penetrate porous substrates like drywall.
  3. Now, as most of us know, anything that is not arrested or eliminated at its root, will ultimately return and ‘wreak havoc’, hence the never-ending cycle of scrub with bleach, hello mold, scrub with bleach, hello mold, and on and on and on.

The bottom line is One + Two = Three

  1. The type of surface/substrate that the mold is growing on plus
  2. The type/species of mold that is growing on the substrate equals to or determines
  3. The proper mitigation technique to employ.

In that light, mold mitigation is a job best left to the pros, wouldn’t you say?

Well, look no further….

For all your mold mitigation (including air scrubbing) needs, call Triangle Legacy, Montgomery County at (301) 523-9419.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services in Montgomery County MD

Most people overlook this fact, but carpets and upholstery are an actual investment!

Think about it!

Although not as exorbitant as your home or car, you most likely spent a decent amount of money on your quality pieces, so for that reason alone, they warrant special care. Nothing lasts forever, and carpets & upholstery are no exception to the rule!

Yes, it is true that the average life expectancy of a carpet can range anywhere from 3 years to 20+ years, multiple factors considered, however, to obtain the best return on your investment, routine preventative cleaning and maintenance is imperative.

For all your carpet & upholstery cleaning needs including pet urine stain removal, call us at (301) 523- 9419.

What to expect after you call Triangle Legacy, Montgomery County Professionals

Emergency Response Service:

  • Barring any unforeseen obstacles, we will arrive at your residence or place of business within an hour of your phone call.

Non-Emergency Response Service:

  • Free Consultation & Assessment: Together, we will determine and schedule a mutually agreeable date and time when we will come out and provide you with a free consultation & assessment.
  • Free Proposal & Estimate: Next, if you are inclined to proceed with potential services, we will provide you with a free written proposal & estimate based on the results of our free assessment.
  • Signature Acceptance of Proposal Agreement: Once the free proposal/estimate has been agreed upon and signed by both parties, we will schedule a suitable date and time to commence the relevant service.
  • Start Work: We will show up on time and ‘get the ball rolling’ on the relevant potential service.

Which areas does Triangle Legacy, Montgomery County Serve?

  • The short answer:

All cities and zip codes in Montgomery County, Maryland.

  • The long answer:
City Zip Code City Zip Code
Ashton 20861 Montgomery Village 20877
Aspen Hill 20906 Montgomery Village 20879
Aspen Hill 20916 Montgomery Village 20886
Barnesville 20838 North Bethesda 20852
Beallsville 20839 North Potomac 20878
Bethesda 20813 Olney 20830
Bethesda 20814 Olney 20832
Bethesda 20815 Poolesville 20837
Bethesda 20816 Potomac 20854
Bethesda 20817 Potomac 20859
Bethesda 20824 Rockville 20847
Bethesda 20825 Rockville 20848
Bethesda 20827 Rockville 20849
Boyds 20841 Rockville 20850
Brinklow 20862 Rockville 20851
Brookeville 20833 Rockville 20852
Burtonsville 20866 Rockville 20853
Cabin John 20818 Rockville 20854
Chevy Chase 20815 Sandy Spring 20860
Chevy Chase 20825 Silver Spring 20901
Clarksburg 20871 Silver Spring 20902
Colesville 20904 Silver Spring 20903
Colesville 20905 Silver Spring 20904
Colesville 20914 Silver Spring 20905
Damascus 20872 Silver Spring 20906
Darnestown 20874 Silver Spring 20907
Darnestown 20878 Silver Spring 20908
Derwood 20855 Silver Spring 20910
Dickerson 20842 Silver Spring 20911
Gaithersburg 20877 Silver Spring 20912
Gaithersburg 20878 Silver Spring 20913
Gaithersburg 20879 Silver Spring 20914
Gaithersburg 20882 Silver Spring 20915
Gaithersburg 20883 Silver Spring 20916
Gaithersburg 20884 Silver Spring 20918
Gaithersburg 20885 Spencerville 20868
Gaithersburg 20886 Takoma Park 20912
Gaithersburg 20898 Takoma Park 20913
Garrett Park 20896 Washington Grove 20880
Germantown 20874 West Bethesda 20817
Germantown 20875 West Bethesda 20827
Germantown 20876 Wheaton 20902
Glen Echo 20812 Wheaton 20915
Kensington 20891 Silver Spring 20914
Kensington 20895 Silver Spring 20915
Laytonsville 20879 Silver Spring 20916

Our Bottom Line

  • It’s simple really…….
    • Our bottom line is to ensure that you are 100% satisfied, period!

Our Promise to you!

  • We promise you an experience, not mere service!

What are you waiting for?

  • For emergency response service or a free assessment and estimate relative to your water damage restoration, mold mitigation and/or carpet & upholstery cleaning service needs, call Triangle Legacy, Montgomery County at (301) 523-9419 or Toll Free at 1-800-830-3324.