DIY Mold Removal May Do More Harm Than Good

DIY Mold Removal Washington DCMold thrives in areas that are moist. As such, no home can be 100% be mold proof. When you develop mold in your home, it can be tempting to handle the problem yourself. While this is an almost instinctive response, you should note that it is not safe and may end up causing you more harm than good. Between the apparent health dangers the DIY process involves, and the risk of escalating the situation, it’s better to leave this job for a professional. Here are several reasons why DIY mold removal does more harm than helping the situation:

Mold Is a Danger to One’s Health

Indoor mold spores usually irritate the respiratory system. It results in symptoms, which include a runny nose, sneezing, watery and itchy eyes, as well as asthma. All individuals who have an already compromised immune system are at a great risk of acquiring illnesses caused by mold.

Mold spores easily become airborne. Without the proper cleaning techniques and tools, your health can become compromised.

You Do Not Know the Mold’s Cause

The surest way of getting rid of mold is eliminating the moisture that it thrives on. Any source of excess moisture includes bathrooms, leaking appliances, pipes, humidity and wetness. You cannot simply treat the mold symptoms and assume the problem is gone. A remediation company like Triangle Legacy is trained and equipped to diagnose and eliminate mold growth at its roots.

You Do Not Know the Mold Type in Question

There are many mold types and they all feature different characteristics. There are those that are harder to clean than others. The worst part is that they all look the same and only a professional can tell them apart. Detecting mold growth is only one part of the equation – you need to know how to eradicate it efficiently.

That said, instead of putting your health and your finances at risk, call in a professional to handle the mold problem. Get in touch with the Triangle Legacy for mold remediation services.