Do Not Pour Oil or Grease Down the Drain

drain grease cleanupAt some point in your life, you have likely been warned that pouring grease down a drain isn’t a good idea. Though, everyone experiences their lazy days, and you have likely ignored that warning in favor of a fast cleanup. Pouring small bits of grease down your drain once, while not really a good thing, likely will not cause any severe blockages in the pipes. However, if you consistently dispose of cooking oil and additional grease deposits inside the sink, you have an issue building in the pipes.

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A lot of folks believe that running warm water down the drain keeps grease from sticking, yet unfortunately that isn’t entirely true. Oil might be going into the drain as a liquid yet as it cools and goes through the pipes, it begins to solidify. Once the grease cools, it oftentimes sticks to the surface of your pipes, ultimately causing buildup.

Grease and Garbage Disposals

A misguided belief people usually have is that it is alright to pour grease down the garbage disposal. The garbage disposal doesn’t have a specialized mechanism inside it which destroys the grease, and its blades will not have much impact either. Instead, its blades are going to become less efficient after repeated grease coatings.

Some warning indications which will alert you to an impending blocked drain involve gurgling sounds coming from your drain, slow drainage, and a bad odor. If you cannot get rid of the clog on your own, call Triangle Legacy to take care of the issue.

Correct Way to Dispose of Grease

If you cooked hamburger or bacon and just have a little bit of grease in the pan, let it sit on the stove while eating your meal. When the grease solidifies, use a paper towel or spatula to wipe the mess and toss it in the trash can and do not pour the oil or grease down the drain.

That is really the best way to get rid of the extra oil instead of pouring it down the drain. Don’t try to compost it. The grease will just make the pile smell and it will attract animals.

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