Document Drying Services

After a storm, fire or flood disaster, one of the most important areas of concern will be your valuable documents that may have become damaged due to the elements or the recovery efforts. During these times, every move counts. It will be critically importance to work with an experienced firm like Triangle Legacy that understands how to work with documents to ensure the damage does not destroy the document. While many types of documents may not be fully restored to pre-loss conditions, Triangle Legacy professionals can save many documents while minimizing the possibility of additional damage. Triangle Legacy’s professionals will be able to evaluate the type of damage and the type of document to recommend one of several options for restoration:


• Air Drying • Dehumidification • Freezer Drying • Vacuum Freeze Drying • Vacuum Thermal Drying

Your Triangle Legacy Professional may contact a third-party expert in document drying to ensure the best possible outcome for your documents. Our professionals will log and track every document requiring restoration for ease of identification. We will communicate with you during every phase of the process so that you are fully apprised of the issues and the plan to make the process efficient and as minimally disruptive as possible.