Drain Cleaning Services

Drain Cleaning Services

Let’s call a spade a spade and not an instrument for digging, shall we? Clogged drains ‘suck’, period!

Question: Have you ever heard of a woman being just a little bit pregnant’?

  • She is either pregnant or not pregnant, wouldn’t you say?

In the same way, drains should not be classified as ‘a little bit clogged’ or ‘half clogged.’

Regardless of any fancy categorization that may be applied, a clogged drain is a clogged drain, end of story!

The fact of the matter is, some things just are, and life as we know it, can be fairly unpredictable!

The Good News

But there is good news, relative to drains that is!

Yes, drains can become clogged, BUT when they do, you can rest assured knowing that our team at Triangle Legacy is here, and that we guarantee you undoubted support and expertise.

Utilizing the right tools and techniques, we painstakingly address any drain cleaning concerns that you might have. No job is too big or too small.

We typically customize a ‘remediation’ plan relative to your specific issue, because contrary to the popular saying, our team, knows for a fact that ‘one size does not fit all!’

Our Primary Focus

  • Slow drains keep water from being discarded as efficiently as it should. For instance, you are brushing the teeth and suddenly realize that the water level in the bathroom sink is rising faster than it is falling.
  • Clogged drains are typically the result of a complete obstruction in the relative pipeline. It usually manifests as water from a faucet continuing to fill up an un-stoppered sink or similar receptacle, and ultimately flood the relative environment, if the tap is not completely turned off, promptly!

Types of ‘Drains’ we service

  • Toilets
  • Bathroom Sinks & Tubs
  • Kitchen Sinks
  • Basement & Laundry Room Floor Drains
  • Main Sewer lines
  • , etc., etc.

Signs & Symptoms of Clogging/Clogged Drains

Although drains might not have a physical tongue, they do communicate with you. The question is, are you ‘listening’? In order to do the latter, you will have to employ at least three out of your five senses to:

  • Look for slow draining receptacles like sinks and tubs
  • Look for water back-up out of a drain (sinks, tubs, floors)
  • Look for unexplained bubbling
  • Listen for gurgling sounds from drains.
  • Smell bad odors, etc., etc., etc.,

Vague Anatomy of a Residential Drainage System

Most homes come equipped with a main sewer line, which is a pipe that typically runs from a property to its edge, and tends to have multiple secondary lines directed all over the house.

Think of this main sewer line as a tree, if you will…..

There is the main line, and there are several affiliated branches, which run throughout the house. Further still, there are several ‘smaller’ branches that are ultimately connected to various plumbing lines throughout the house.

So, when you flush the toilet for instance, or take a shower, the bathroom pipes will transfer the waste water to the main line and from there to the outside.

Common Causes of Drain Clogging

There are ‘a million and one’ causes of drain clogging, literally!

  1. The ‘Obvious’
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Disposable wipes
  • Hair
  • Q-tips
  • Coffee grounds
  • Food residues
  1. The ‘Not-so-Obvious’
  • Cooking grease
  • Hot wax
  • Hard water buildup
  • Soap Scum and grime!
  1. The ‘Extremely Not-so-Obvious’
  • Tree root infiltration into Main Sewer Lines
  • Tree root infiltration is just a fancy way of describing a scenario where the roots of garden trees make their way into your sewer lines. Like most living things, trees tend to seek water in order to grow. Therefore, even the tiniest leak in a main sewer pipe can exert a such a gravitational pull on any tree’s roots, thereby resulting in the inadvertent infiltration of the latter into the former, all in an innocent attempt to access water for survival!
  1. The ‘OMG, Seriously’!
  • Miniature Toys
  • Jewelry
  • Contact Lenses
  • Dental Floss
  • Etc., etc., etc.

Why you need to have your slow or clogged drains, unclogged ASAP!

Well, let’s see…..

  • First, there’s the mere inconvenience of not being able to use the bathtub, toilet or kitchen sink in your own home.
  • Next, there’s frustration at the inconveniences mentioned above.
  • Then there’s the foul odor that can develop from potential pathogenic microbes that have a tendency to proliferate in stagnant water.
  • And let’s not forget about the potential for water/flood damage, which can lead to mold infestation, which can lead to a weakened property foundation, which can lead to potential property loss, or at best a decreased property resale value.
  • And, we haven’t even mentioned compromised health and quality of life yet!

Okay, okay, we may be dramatizing the scenario a little, but the fact still remains, that clogged pipes are better resolved sooner than later, because flood/water damage as well as mold infestations are all very harsh realities!

Vinegar, Baking Soda and a ‘Kettle full of Boiling Water’!

DIY drain cleaning methods are only temporary – if they work at all!

Shoving a wire hanger down the sink drain as a means of unclogging the latter, or digging a trench in the backyard in an attempt to locate a tree root infiltration is more often than not, a hassle instead of a solution!

Nine out of ten times you won’t be able to ‘fix’ a problem, not permanently at least, because ideally, the problem must be first be:

  • Professionally detected
  • Professionally evaluated
  • And finally professional resolved, by utilizing the most relevant technique and equipment!

So, how can Triangle Legacy help you?

Our drain cleaning services include both main and secondary lines. We can clean:

  • Main sewer lines
  • Bathroom tubs and sink drains
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Floor Drains in basements and laundry rooms
  • Clogged toilets

And as an added bonus, we also offer water damage restoration services, mold mitigation, remediation & removal services, as well as odor removal services.

In essence, we are a ‘one-stop shop’. No job is too big or too small, and your satisfaction is our guarantee!


Why turn to Triangle Legacy?

  • We utilize the most relevant & effective equipment and techniques ‘out there’, to unclog all types of drains.
  • Our team offers both residential & commercial drain cleaning services.
  • Our pros are both experienced and committed to helping you quickly and efficiently.
    • By customizing our service to your specific need, we can help you resolve a variety of drain cleaning issues. Just name it!
    • We can detect the source of the problem.
    • We can detect where bad odors come from and why.
  • To add to all the above, our team at Triangle Legacy is well-equipped to handle the potential long term repercussions of unresolved clogged drains, like flood/water damage, mold infestation and foul odor removal.
  • Finally, we are committed to taking care of you, so that you can take care of yours.

Our advice is to you

  • Do not flush non-dissolvable items down the toilet.
  • Do not dispose of cooking oil or hot wax down the kitchen sink/drain.
  • Ensure that the garbage disposal (if you have one) is fully functional.
  • Do not ignore bad odors
  • If you accidentally drop your tooth brush in the toilet, DON’T flush! Hold your nose, put a glove on and fish it out of the toilet bowl, then discard it via an appropriate trash receptacle.

Call Triangle Legacy to inspect and resolve any slow drain issues before they escalate to become clogged ones. And rest assured that we are well equipped to resolve completely clogged drains efficiently too, if the need arise!

Service Areas

We currently serve all areas within a 30 mile radius of the Potomac, MD including Alexandria and Springfield in Northern Virginia.

For a free consultation and estimate, call us at (301) 523-9419.