Dryer Vent Cleaning Benefits

Dryer Vent Cleaning Washington dc

At Triangle Legacy Flood Restoration & Carpet Cleaning, we specialize in quality maintenance, repair, and installation of dryer vents which will keep your energy costs low and your dryer working great. Below are a few benefits of routine maintenance of dryer vents.

Decreases Fire Risk

As dryer vents are not cleaned regularly, they’ll become clogged with dust and lint. The heat which is created from the dryer in a regular drying cycle potentially can ignite the lint, and start a fire. According to the United States Fire Administration, clothing dryer fires will account for around 15,600 structure fires, 400 injuries and15 deaths per year.

Reduces the Humidity inside Your Building

As the dryer vent becomes clogged, the humidity inside the dryer cannot escape the building like it’s designed to do. The outcome is high humidity inside the dryer and the area that surrounds it.

Boosts Overall Health

The outcome of excessive humidity inside a residence from a clogged dryer vent may create a moist environment which promotes the growth of mildew and mold. Those conditions may lead to respiratory and additional issues for those living inside the home.

Prevents Building from becoming Overly Dusty

As with humidity not being able to exit the building as it should as the dryer vent is clogged, either will small particles and lint. The lint trap will not properly work and dust is going to escape into the home.

Saves Energy

Any way you can minimize the length of the dry times will decrease your energy intake. If the dryer vent is clogged, moist air cannot escape, and result in damp clothing which will not get dry. If the dryer vent is regularly cleaned, the dryer may properly work to extract moisture from your clothing, which shortens your dry times and saves you money.

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