Drying Carpet After Flood Damage due to Storms in Washington DC

snow-stormA flood situation can arise due to melting snow from a snow storm. When your carpets get soaked in water, not only do you have to dry the wet carpet, you also need to clean and sanitize it. Wet carpet drying takes a long time because it involves drying the carpet as well as the underlying padding, which too will be soaking wet. So, when it comes to flood damaged carpet in Washington D.C., drying the padding is the key to ensuring your water damaged carpet does not get riddled with mold and mildew.

You need a professional for carpet water removal in Washington D.C. to ensure you actually end up with a dry wet carpet that does not harbor germs, mud and silt. You can rely on Triangle Legacy in Washington D.C. to ensure optimal carpet drying and cleaning after flood damage.

Water Extraction

Before we begin wet carpet drying, it is imperative to remove the stagnant water. This needs to be done as quickly as possible. Triangle Legacy has the right equipment to carefully remove flood water from the room without damaging the carpet, drywall or other parts of your home. The highly trained and experienced cleaning crew is licensed and insured. So, you have no reason to worry.

After flood damage, acting quickly can help salvage your carpet. That is why you need to call the professionals at Triangle Legacy to minimize damage to your carpet, flooring and walls.

Wet Carpet Drying

After the water extraction process, the drying process begins. This is a long process, so don’t expect it to finish overnight. It will take more than a week to dry your flood damaged carpet thoroughly. We use industrial-grade floor dryers that quickly dry the water underfoot. In addition, Triangle Legacy uses high-speed fans that circulate air over and under the carpet to dry it out thoroughly.

Dehumidifying for Optimal Results

Just drying the carpet is not sufficient. While the carpet is drying, it increases humidity levels in your Washington D.C. home. This increase can result in mold and mildew. That is why Triangle Legacy uses industrial-grade dehumidifiers to remove excessive moisture from the flood damaged room. This restores the right humidity levels and also helps in mold prevention.

Replacing the Carpet Padding

Unfortunately, once your carpet gets wet, you have to replace the padding underneath. The padding is like a sponge that absorbs water. Hence, it is important to replace the padding after flood damage. If you don’t do it, sooner or later mold growth will occur that will irreversibly damage your carpet. Then you will have to replace not just the padding, but also the carpet which can be an extremely expensive burden to bear. It is better to spend money now to replace the padding than to replace the entire carpet in your home in the near future.

Steam Cleaning the Carpet

Flood damaged carpet needs to be cleaned and sanitized properly. Steam cleaning will aid in this process. Steam the carpet will clean, sanitize and deodorize it, so that your carpet smells fresh and does not harbor germs and pathogens. Steam cleaning extracts embedded contaminants brought in by the flood waters. It even gets rid of superficial mud and silt. The steaming will clean and refresh the carpet without damaging the fibers.

Sanitizing the Baseboards and Walls

Anything the water touches should be cleaned, dried and sanitized along with your carpet. We have special sanitizing agents that our cleaning technicians use to sanitize the walls and baseboards in the flood damaged room. This ensures thorough cleansing of the room and prevents mold and mildew growth in your home or on the carpet.

After we dry wet carpet, we perform a final inspection. Once we are satisfied that your carpet has been thoroughly cleaned and dried after flood damage, we allow you to inspect it.

In Conclusion

Wet carpet drying is not a DIY task. It requires professional cleaning, particularly if you are a victim of a storm or flood. Your home, including your carpet, will be covered with mud, sewage and silt. This requires professional drying and cleanup. If don’t want to end up with a damaged carpet and a home with mold and mildew growth, take immediate steps to call in the professionals.

For the best carpet water removal in Washington D.C., contact Triangle Legacy. You can relax knowing the highly trained, qualified and experienced cleaning crew from Triangle Legacy will dry your carpet, clean it and finally sanitize it. In addition, our crew will also clean and sanitize other affected areas of your home to ensure you have a clean, dry and safe home where mold and mildew cannot proliferate.