Emergency Tips: Mold Damage

Black Mold Washington DCYou might’ve noticed sensational news reports warning of the harms of “black mold” or even “toxic mold”. The reports may be confusing and alarming so it is advantageous to gain the facts to better comprehend mold.

Stachybotrys chartarum includes the kind of mold oftentimes referred to as black mold, and it produces irritants and allergens. But, most kinds of mold may produce irritants and allergens. Treat all mold with care – stay away from affected areas and do not disturb or touch the mold.

How to Tell If It is Black Mold

Since most kinds of mold may cause reactions, you ought to contact us irrespective of the type or color of mold. In most cases, several kinds of mold might exist in the same structure or house. If you suspect there is a mold issue, call Triangle Legacy immediately.

Within 48 hours, mold quickly can become an issue in your business or home when there is a water intrusion, such as a leaky roof or leaky water line. Mold may cause health effects and also can lead to substantial property damage. Triangle Legacy has the protective gear, training, and specialized equipment needed to deal with your mold issue.

If there’s a mold issue in your business or home, consider these facts:

Substantial mold growth may occur in 48 to 72 hours.

Mold might present a higher risk to the elderly, children, and anybody who has respiratory issues.

A musty, strong smell might indicate concealed mold behind drywall or underneath carpets.

What to Do:

• Stay away from affected spaces
• Turn the fans and HVAC system off
• Call Triangle Legacy at 1-800-830-3324 for mold remediation services

What you Should Not Do:

1. Do not disturb or touch mold.
2. Do not blow air across surfaces that have suspected or visible mold growth.
3. Do not try to dry the space on your own.
4. Do not spray bleach or additional disinfectants on mold.