Enhancing the Curb Appeal of Your Washington DC Home!

Embracing and celebrating the history, beauty, charm, and culture of our nation’s capital city, Washington, D.C., where first impressions do go along way!

Owning a home is a big part of the American Dream. Maintaining your home is very important especially in a city that’s known for its beauty and charm because the outside of a home is the first thing people see when they drive up right? Whether you’re a happy Washington, D.C. homeowner, home buyer or home seller, it’s important to make the home look as visually appealing as possible. A lot of times it may not take an entire home makeover in order to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Triangle Legacy Cleaning & Restoration Handyman Services in Washington, D.C. can help you with simple projects that will help in the overall appearance of your home. We can do it all!

For example:

*Garages and Windows

You may want to install storage racks for added organization inside of the garage and add hanging plants in front of the garage or around windows for extra décor outside.

*Front, Side and Back Doors

You’d be surprise what a difference it would make in repairing, painting or updating your doors. Repairing those worn hinges could extend the use of existing doors. Adding a splash of paint can provide instant curb appeal. Even updating the style of your door would make a grave difference.

*Outdoor Lighting

Having good outdoor lighting is a very big plus! You may want to consider having additional lighting fixtures installed along sidewalks, pathways and driveway entrances. Small path lighting fixtures would add a fancy look to your yard’s appearance while flood or low-voltage lighting would provide extra safety and security to your home as well.

*Landscaping Repairs and Upgrades

Repair or add a cement or brick walkway to the front, side or back of your home. Repave a driveway. Clean your brick patio or side walkway area. From normal wear and tear due to weather conditions and such, the paint on your home may appear dull or faded. Power washing your home can help with a cleaner and more vibrant appearance. A lot of homes have faded or rusted house numbers and trim. Even installing new numbers and painting trims can make a huge difference.

*Fence Repairs

How’s your fence looking these days? Has the wind moved the position of the wood beams? Does the wood look dry and dull? You’d be surprise what a good paint job would do. Bringing back to life a new look that will make a great impression of the overall surrounding look of your home.

If you’re ready and have made the decision to make a change, call Triangle Legacy Cleaning & Restoration in Washington, D.C. and put your home into the hands of experienced, skilled professionals who truly care about the work we do. We’ll provide you with the superior workmanship, highest quality materials and attentive customer service that you deserve. We’ll treat your home with respect and work hard to disrupt your life as little as possible. The end result will be a stress-free process and a beautiful update to your home. Call Triangle Legacy Cleaning & Restoration today to set up an appointment – you’ll see why so many people have been glad they did!