The Dos and Don’ts if you Face a Water Damage in Washinton DC

Water damage is one situation which you never hope to witness however, many hopes and apartments in United States do suffer water damage owing to adverse weather conditions, pipe burst or any other plumbing issues. Water damage when it occurs can cause a lot of harm. Your furniture, cabinet, tiled floored, walls, electronics can suffer grave damage. The humid conditions created thereafter can cause growth of mold which may trigger allergies and respiratory diseases.

By keeping yourself aware of how to manage this crisis situation will help you minimize the damage and resulting stress. You will therefore be able to get on with your normal life sooner than expected.

What to do immediately

  • Immediately turn off the source of water to stop further damage
  • The breaker should also be turned off in the damaged area
  • Switch of any electrical devices that may be in the affected area
  • Lift up draperies and put a pin on the furniture skirts to prevent them from getting wet
  • Remove things from the carpet that may leave stains such as newspaper, books, plants, baskets etc.
  • If you have home insurance, call up the company to send someone to assess the damage
  • If you are removing stuff before their arrival, click photographs so that they can assess the damage
  • Call up a reliable water damage restoration company. They are proficient in handling such situations which helps minimize damage
  • Move any valuable stuff such as paintings, art work, photographs etc from the damaged area.
  • Remove any small furniture from the wet area and move to dry, safe regions
  • Wipe furniture and open drawers to enable quick drying

What you should not do

  • Never try to use home vacuum cleaners to dry wet areas. You may get an electric shock
  • Do not walk on the wet area more than necessary as it may cause water to spread in the dry areas
  • Never try to dry wet areas using newspapers. Its ink spreads fast and may aggravate damage
  • Never switch on TV or other electrical appliances on the wet carpet or floor
  • Do not use HVAC system if it has been affected by water
  • Do not disturb visible mold. It is best treated by professionals

Wrap up

Water damage is a critical situation and you should act immediately to rescue your home. Take steps to prevent the situation from worsening and try rescuing stuff as much as possible. Call up a professional water damage restoration company to prevent excessive damage and restore the situation.