Fast Response is Critical when Cleaning Up Water Damage

When dealing with water damage, the professionals agree that the initial 24 – 48 hours are crucial for the growth of cleaning up water damage washington dctoxic microbials like bacteria and mold and the prevention of permanent damage. Within a study, wet drywall which was left untreated for forty-eight hours already displayed proof of microbial growth.

That is why you should hire a water damage contractor who will quickly get on the scene, evaluate the extent of the water damage, and start the first measure of water damage remediation, which includes removing as much water as you can. Water removal might involve water extraction, and/or discarding and removing wet building materials like carpet pad and carpet, insulation, and Sheetrock. As the water is extracted from the affected spaces, drying equipment, which includes commercial air movers and high efficiency dehumidifiers, may start to pull the remaining moisture from the air and the structure. The sooner all of this is performed, the less permanent damage is going to happen, and the less need there’s going to be for water damage repair.

A water damage restoration business should take moisture readings inside all affected spaces all throughout the process of drying to make sure that all things are completely dry before they start to repair water damage. It’s critical that the levels of moisture also are observed in hidden spaces, like behind cabinets and wall cavities, to make sure there isn’t any remaining moisture that promotes microbial growth.

The water damage remediation success is vastly affected by how rapidly it’s started. A restoration company whose telephones are answered night or day by their own staff, and not an answering service, and that is able to have a truck in route immediately to you to start the clean-up of water damage, is going to make your life much easier.

When it comes to cleaning up water damage, time really is of the essence. When you call Triangle Legacy Flood Restoration and Carpet Cleaning, we will evaluate the damage and work fast to begin the clean-up process.