Fire Disaster Restoration: 5 common-sense precautions for residential fires

A little too frequently for comfort, we are alerted of a ‘breaking news’ story about a house on fire. Sometimes these mishaps end up being ‘close calls’ and at other times, tragedies. Regardless of how you look at it, house fires are bad news, period! There is good news though……
In more cases than not, residential fires are easily preventable. By simply adhering to a few common-sense precautions, you can greatly reduce the chance of igniting a potential residential inferno!

fire-disasterCommon Causes/Precautions of Residential Fires

Cooking Equipment
According to the United States National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), approximately 40 percent of all residential fires are caused by cooking related mishaps which typically occur when people get distracted and leave an oven or stove unattended, even for a second!

The solution

  • When cooking, remain attentive and stay in the kitchen at all times!
  • Keep any and all ignitable items like oven mitts, dish towels and paper towels away from all potential heat sources.
  • Make sure you turn off all cooking equipment when you are not in the kitchen.

Boundaries! Small word, big implication! Sometimes, we have to implement boundaries to much more than our social lives. When it comes to smoking in our homes, it may not be such a terrible idea to make the bedroom off-limits to smoking. When we were younger, we used to laugh at our parents for falling asleep in front of the television or over a book, but now that we are mature, it should have become brutally apparent that life happens!

The solution

  • In an effort to prevent a smoking related residential fire mishap, you may have to implement a new household rule ‘banning’ smoking inside the house.
  • If that is not feasible, then make it a point to closely supervise any smokers who have the tendency to become drowsy as a result of medication, drinking or plain old fatigue. Ensure that they extinguish their cigarette, properly!
  • Invest in deep and large ashtrays!
  • Finally, never place an ashtray on or near anything that can or will burn!

Yes candles can come in handy on many levels, whether you use them to set a mood, or as an alternate light source during a power outage. Regardless, there are some basic rules to adhere to if you want to prevent a potential inferno.

The solution

  • Never leave burning candles unattended.
  • Make sure that you keep them in a sturdy holder and on a level surface, away from any combustible materials and out of the reach of children or pets.
  • Extinguish the flame before leaving the room!

Children Playing with Fire
Kids will be kids they say, and they are right! There are several reasons why kids cause fires. Curiosity, mischief and anger to name a few.

The Solution

  • No matter what the trigger might be, fire is a major no-no and children should be taught that…..very early in life.
  • The old adage ‘if you play with fire, you will get burned’ still stands true in 2016 so children should be educated accordingly!

Dryer Vents
Although less conspicuous, clogged dryer vents are a major source of residential fires.

The Solution

  • It is extremely important to have your dryer vents professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

Other causes
There are several other causes of both residential and commercial fires such as frayed or faulty electrical wires, improper placement of heating equipment and improper storage of flammables, to name a few!

The Implications
Although not commonly talked about, significant fire damage can potentially result in the need for:

  • Smoke damage restoration (as a result of fire)
  • Flood/water damage restoration (as a result of fire-fighting efforts)
  • Mold infestation (as a result of water damage)
  • Carpet & upholstery cleaning or replacement (as a result of all the above)
  • Air supply duct cleaning (as a result of all the above)
  • ….and the list goes on.

The Good News
Just a little diligence can potentially save you thousands of dollars in property restoration and ultimately the lives of your precious loved ones. Our team at Triangle Legacy has exceptional expertise in fire & smoke damage restoration. As an added bonus, flood & water damage, mold remediation, carpet & upholstery cleaning and air supply duct cleaning are also part of our forte. With integrity, reliability, professionalism, expertise and passion as our trademarks, our primary goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied!

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