Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration: After the Fire

The fire fighters have done their part! In order to extinguish the menacing flames that that threatened to engulf your home and everything in it, they responded promptly when you called and heroically doused the flames with gallons of water and chemical concoctions!

It was a ‘success’, relatively speaking! The flames are finally gone, but so are they….the fire fighters that is! Now, you are left to deal with the aftermath of the raging inferno, which is evidenced by the soggy interior and blackened walls and ceilings of your once ideal home.

Reality Check!

Fire & Smoke Damage RestorationDo not be deceived, Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration is not a do-it-yourself (DIY) job.  Restoring your residential or commercial property to its pre-loss condition requires professional expertise and a fairly immediate response at that!

Without proper immediate response from a fire & smoke damage restoration professional, the chances that you might end up paying thousands of dollars for any restoration efforts, as opposed to tens or hundreds is relatively high. Sometimes, in an effort to save money, we end up spending more!

Fire & smoke damage restoration is rather complex. In a worst case scenario, after all fire-fighting efforts have been completed, it is very likely that in place of your once ideal home or property, you will be left with a very soggy and sooty one! In such an unfortunate event, you will quickly recognize that restoring your property to its pre-fire condition is going to take more than  fire & smoke damage restoration efforts, but also professional expertise in water damage restoration, mold mitigation & remediation, odor removal, upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaning. As a matter of fact, it would also be a wise to arrange for professional air duct cleaning of your property to mitigate any potential health issues as a result of smoke and soot.

Smoke consists of medley of chemicals and particles that are produced by the incomplete burning of carbon-containing materials. Among other things, smoke contains carbon monoxide (which is potentially fatal in its own right), carbon dioxide and soot. As for soot, apart from the obvious detrimental health implications, it has a major potential to ruin and devalue a property because it is incredibly hard to eliminate.

The Bottom Line

Although you may be extremely anxious to clean and disinfect your property or home yourself after a fire disaster, you stand a very high chance of creating further damage if you do not seek professional advice and expertise as soon as is feasibly possible (after the fire).

Our team at Triangle Legacy has exceptional expertise in fire & smoke damage restoration. As an added bonus, flood & water damage restorationcarpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning and air duct cleaning are also part of our forte.

We boast integrity, reliability & professionalism as well as expertise and passion as our trademark and our primary goal is to ensure that you are completely satisfied and that the entire process is as stress free as possible as we diligently work to restore your home/property to its pre-loss condition.

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