For Home Resale, Is It Best to Have the Carpet Cleaned or Replaced?

carpet cleaning for home resale

If your carpeting is beginning show top signs of wear or is in poor shape, absolutely, carpet replacement is suggested. If your carpet is in pretty good shape, it makes sense to simply clean your carpet.

Dreaded Carpet Allowance

There are several circumstances in which our business has saved sellers money just by cleaning their carpet. We have found that lots of buyers are requesting carpet allowances to replace the carpet on their own. The majority of possible buyers are going to want much more on a carpet allowance than what it’d cost to replace the floor on your own. This means that you’re basically loaning yourself the funds to put in new carpeting and avoid paying out an inflated carpet allowance to the buyer.

Washington DC Carpet Cleaning

Triangle Legacy provides carpet cleaning in Washington DC and surrounding areas. That means that we have the ability to offer our professional opinion to assist you in making the best choice as you consider replacing your home’s carpet. There are several scenarios in which cleaning the carpeting alone makes sense.

We’ve improved several situations in which pets have ruined a carpet using our carpet cleaning solutions. There also are circumstances in which pets have soiled the carpeting to the extreme where it soaked through the padding inside the subfloor. Within extreme circumstances it’s better to perform carpet cleaning and replacement and sealing of your subfloor. As carpet cleaning professionals Triangle Legacy can help you choose what makes the most sense for your house.

Why Use Triangle Legacy’s Services?

At Triangle Legacy we provide carpet cleaning and a great service experience! Check out our process of carpet cleaning here.

Do you need carpet cleaning? Give Triangle Legacy a call at 1-800-830-3324 for a complimentary estimate, as well as to check availability.

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