Four Mistakes When Dealing with Water Damage

Dealing with Water DamageAlong with winter weather comes an abundance of snow. While snow might be pretty to look at, it can start causing a number of problems when it melts. One of the biggest problems is that of water damage or mold inside of your home. It doesn’t take much water to start wreaking havoc on your environment and leaving you with a world of problems to deal with. Regardless of how extensive or mild the water damage is, it is important that you don’t make one of the following mistakes.

Waiting Too Long to Call in a Pro

Oftentimes, individuals tend to wait for as long as possible before bringing someone in to get to work resolving the water damage. Whether they believe they can do it on their own or they simply think that it isn’t as bad as what it seems, those precious moments spent waiting could end up leading to a world of problems down the line.

It only takes 24 hours for mold to start forming and taking over your home. Not only does that mean you are putting your health on the line, but you are also opening your home to a world of problems that will need to be fixed. The minute you notice water damage in your home, you need to call in a water damage restoration expert who can get to work fixing the problem quickly.

Not Fixing the Problem All the Way

Another big problem with water damage is that many homeowners don’t take the time to get the problem fixed all the way. Whether it be due to finances or time constraints, you don’t want to skimp during the repair and restoration process. In doing so, you could end up finding yourself with even more problems down the line. Even the smallest of details are crucial. By taking care of every facet of the water damage, you can ensure your home is protected and the mold doesn’t continue spreading its way through your home.

Trying to Do it Yourself

Many homeowners feel that they can take care of the water damage on their own. They go out and rent a bunch of equipment to eliminate the standing water from their space and attempt to dry it out without professional help. While this might seem like a good idea at the time, it is actually one of the worst things that you can do. Even though it might save you money initially, it will end up costing you far more when the mold starts forming and spreading throughout your property.

Professional water damage restoration experts have an abundance of equipment designed to eradicate the water from your space and dry everything out. It’s imperative that you dry out each part of the water damaged areas to prevent mold from being able to grow and thrive. Even one damp spot can cause mold to quickly spiral out of control.

Going with an Inexperienced Professional

Unfortunately, many homeowners end up going with the cheapest professional they can find in an attempt to save money. However, cost shouldn’t be the only thing you look at during the process. You also need to consider the background and experience level of the company you hire. Spend time going through some of their past projects to determine whether they are capable of handling your specific restoration project.

Make sure to ask about licensing and insurance to ensure your property is protected in the event something was to go wrong. All the little details are important in the grand scheme of things.

At Triangle Legacy, you can rest assured that our team of water damage restoration experts will get your home back to its pre-disaster state in the shortest amount of time possible. We pride ourselves on delivering superior results at a price that works for your individual needs and wants. Give us a call to schedule your estimate today!