Getting Back to Business After a Natural Disaster

Natural Disaster Natural disasters can happen anytime. Within minutes, your business may be destroyed or damaged, and forces you to shut your doors until it’s possible to get up and running again.

Thankfully, the professionals at Triangle Legacy are here to be of assistance. Use the following ideas to get your company back on its feet as soon as possible after disaster hits.

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Make an In-Depth Natural Disaster Strategy

If your company is going to get through a natural disaster, you will need an in-depth preparedness strategy in place. Create a list of instant actions you will take following a natural disaster. Include things like:

● Which natural disasters will probably affect your business, depending upon where it’s located
● Locations appropriate for staff evacuation
● Ways to remain in contact with all team members
● Emergency contact details for every staff member
● Plans to access and/or protect critical business information and records
● If there is going to be an off-site location from where employees must work until the doors reopen
● Contact details for the business’s financial institutions, insurance provider, and trustworthy disaster restoration business

Open Lines of Communication

As soon as possible, keep your staff and customers educated on what is happening with the business. Give an estimate of when you will have the ability to reopen. If excessive damage causes you to relocate on a temporary basis, allow other people to know how to locate you.

Get Outside Assistance

While FEMA offers financial help to businesses located in a federally declared disaster region, the procedure of obtaining aid may take time, particularly when an explosive number of claims are getting filed. Have a backup strategy in place to make sure you have the ability to cover the prices of repairs in a timely manner.

Consider investing in a flood insurance plan which covers natural disasters. The SBA (Small Business Administration) also may be a great place to turn to for help.

If the unpredictable happens, keep in mind that you aren’t alone. Count on the pros at Triangle Legacy to support and guide you throughout your recovery process and assist you in getting your business up and running once again as fast as possible.

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