Getting Rid of Red Wine Stains from Your Carpet

Red wine stains can be a challenge to remove from carpets. But all the same, there are some effective red wine stain removal methods. As you pick your poison from the list, remember to test each method on a discrete portion of the carpet lest you end up ruining your carpet. Once you have proven it is safe, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Blot

Regardless of the method you choose to get rid of the wine stain, blotting should be the first step. Remember, with red wine stains, you are working against time. Quickly grab a clean towel and press it against the stain. Soak up the red wine (as much as is possible), being careful not to rub the fibers. Rubbing will only drive the stain deeper into the fibers.

Step 2: Remove the Red Wine Stain

Remedy 1: Salt the Stain
If you do not have the time to treat the red wine stain, after blotting, pour salt onto the stained area. The salt will soak up the stain fast. You can vacuum the salt after. If you do not have salt, baking soda can work a well.

Remedy 2: Treat Fire with Fire

It sounds counteractive to pour white wine on the red wine stain. But surprisingly enough, the white wine helps in neutralizing the red wine stain on your carpet. It lifts the red wine stain and also keeps it from spreading.

If you are out of white wine, you can use plain vodka.

Remedy 3: Carpet Shampoo and Peroxide Solution

The fresher the stain is, the easier it is to remove with ease. After blotting, mix a solution of carpet shampoo (one teaspoon) and hydrogen peroxide (one cup). Soak the solution in a sponge and blot the solution on the stain. Blot the stain until the redness fades.

Once the stain is gone, rinse the solution off the carpet using warm water and a clean towel.

Call in a Professional

Triangle Legacy is a carpet cleaning professional company with access to strong carpet cleaning solutions and machines. The kind that proves uneconomical for a consumer to buy for occasional use. They will get rid of the red wine stain in no time using the right methods while protecting your carpet.

But even as you call Triangle Legacy, remember to blot the red-wine stain as soon as possible.