Handyman Services

Honey-Do’s Not Getting Done? Triangle Legacy’s professional, EPA lead-certified renovation services are available by the hour. We will schedule our courteous, experienced handymen to take care of all of those home improvement projects you have had “on hold”. From interior/exterior painting and retouching, to drywall repairs, replacement and sanding to installing new fixtures to adding dimmer switches – we can do it all. Specialty services include: flood and water removal, quick dry drywall, flooring, ceiling and roofing repairs, smoke and fire damage restoration and renovation. Talk to us about other special needs you may have so that we may provide you with professional service, individualized to meet your specific needs. Let us know what is on your “Honey-Do” list so that we can give you a quote based on the estimated time to complete the work. We will bring the tools and the know-how to get the job done right the first time. Our live operators are standing by to offer you personalized assistance: 800-830-3324. You may schedule your appointment by logging onto our website: www.atrianglelegacy.com or click here to activate a phone call from one of our professionals.

We are “at your service” to provide:

Bath Services
  • Replace medicine cabinets
  • Repair/replace broken tile
  • Remodel bathrooms
  • Install towel racks
  • Replace sinks
  • Caulk tubs, sinks, and tile
  • Replace toilets and hardware
  • Install shower doors
  • Replace fixtures
  • Repair leaky faucets
  • Install vanities and vanity tops
  • Replace exhaust fans and covers
  • Install/replace toilets and toilet tank hardware
  • Replace shower cartridges and valve seats
  • Replace damaged sub flooring and laminates
Door and Window Services
  • Adjust and lubricate sliding doors
  • Adjust and install door thresholds
  • Install French doors
  • Install interior and exterior doors
  • Install locks and deadbolts
  • Install pet doors
  • Install vinyl replacement windows
  • Install weather stripping
  • Re-glaze windows
  • Replace doors and door casings
  • Replace doorknobs
  • Repair doors that are hard to open
  • Replace screens
  • Replace damaged window panes
  • Install security locks on windows
  • Install window shutters
  • Install storm doors
Exterior Services
  • Build and repair decks, porches, sunrooms
  • Build and repair fences and gates
  • Build and repair arches or trellis
  • Clean, repair and install rain gutters
  • Detect and repair exterior leaks
  • Electrical
  • Exterior painting
  • Exterior siding, repair and installation
  • Install and repair drywall
  • Install French doors, patio doors and exterior doors
  • Install interior doors
  • Install lighting fixtures including dimmer switches
  • Install/repair mailboxes
  • Install windows
  • Install window treatments and blinds
  • Interior painting
  • Landscaping
  • Paint doors and windows
  • Pressure/Power Wash exterior surfaces (siding, stucco, walkways, brick, driveways, garages, etc.)
  • Replace damaged trim and woodwork
  • Repair, patch and pour concrete
  • Repair and replace damaged brickwork
  • Repair stucco
  • Replace damaged soffits (underside of roof overhang or inner curve of an arch)
  • Roof repair
  • Upholstery and blind cleaning
General Interior Services
  • Construct custom wall units and shelving
  • Expert carpet cleaning and revitalization
  • Expert carpet repair
  • Finish basements
  • Flooring installation (tile, carpeting, hard-wood, etc.)
  • Hang draperies and install curtain rods
  • Hang pictures, clocks, and plants
  • Install attic ladders
  • Install ceramic tile on floors and walls
  • Install attic ladders
  • Install ceramic tile on floors and walls
  • Install kitchen countertops and backsplash
  • Install panelling, wainscoting and crown molding
  • Install water heater straps and insulation blankets
  • Install and repair windows
  • Interior painting
  • Paint doors, wood frame/crown molding and windows
  • Repair drywall with exact texture and paint match
  • Replace ceiling tiles
  • Replace/repair damaged tile (counters, walls and floors)
  • Replace hard to access light bulbs – (ceiling fans and chandeliers)
  • Replace heating and air conditioning filters
  • Replace old/broken appliance plugs
  • Replace or repair baseboards
  • Replace/repair linoleum flooring
  • Replace sinks
Garage Services
  • Insulate and sheetrock garage walls
  • Install attic access stairs
  • Install garage organization wall and storage systems
  • Install new garage flooring
  • Lubricate garage doors
  • Paint garage floors
  • Pressure/Power Wash Clean garage floors
  • Replace/install garage door openers
  • Replace garage door springs
Kitchen Services
  • Install garbage disposals
  • Repair/replace broken tile
  • Install countertops
  • Fix broken drawers
  • Adjust cabinet doors
  • Install cabinets
  • Install range hoods
  • Clean/replace faucet aerators
  • Install ceramic tile back splashes
  • Caulk sinks
  • Install trash compactors
  • Replace fixtures
  • Repair leaky faucets
Laundry Room & Closet Services
  • Adjust/lubricate doors
  • Assemble closet organizers
  • Hook up washers and dryers
  • Install lights and ventilation fans
  • Install/replace dryer hoses and vents
  • Install shelving and hanger rods
  • Line closets with aromatic cedar
  • Replace bi-fold doors

What is it about ‘honey-do’ lists that make finding the time to actually ‘do’ them, such a rare commodity? Somehow, no matter how hard you try to accomplish the tasks on your ‘ever-growing’ home improvement list, procrastination always finds a way to win! Still, procrastination does not define you, because putting things off until later is simply a reality of busy lifestyles today!

We’ve got you covered!

At Triangle Legacy, we get it!

  • We understand how easy it is to become intricately enmeshed in the ‘hustle and bustle’ of the daily grind.
  • We understand how that can cause you to neglect your ‘honey-do’ list.
  • We even understand how inadvertently neglecting your ‘honey-do’ list can subsequently cause your ‘honey’ to lose some of their ‘sweet’!

So in a nutshell, that’s what we are here for!

  • To take care of you, so that you can take care of yours!


No job is too big or too small! Whether it’s………

  • Building exteriors, decks or driveways that need power washing;
  • Gutters that need cleaning;
  • Drywall that needs repairing;
  • Walls that need painting;
  • Bathrooms that need updating;
  • Garbage disposals that need liberating;
    • Just name it and we’ve got you covered!

Property is an Investment!

At our core, the team at Triangle Legacy view and value property as an investment. We therefore, we thoroughly understand the importance of protecting, maintaining and improving the value of that investment, be it your ‘place of abode’ or ‘place of business’!

Why hire us?

We are a full service company, therefore we eliminate your need to schedule multiple appointments for various tasks that may need to be completed in your home or property. Consider us a ‘one-stop-shop’ if you will!

Communication is Key!

We believe that communication is imperative, so to prove that, we provide a free complimentary consultation & estimate prior to the commencement of any job.

Our Trademarks?

Integrity, Reliability & Professionalism as well as Expertise and Passion.

Our Primary Goal?

To ensure that you are completely satisfied and that the entire process, whatever it may be, is as stress free as possible for you and your loved ones.

For a free consultation & estimate relative to your handyman needs, please contact us at (301) 523-9419 or Toll Free at 1-800-830-3324. We currently serve the Washington D.C Metropolitan Area.