Hardwood Floor Cleaning in Anne Arundel County MD

Anne Arundel County MD MapSometimes, getting rid of tough scratches, dirt, and stains on hardwood floors can seem impossible! If you are having a tough time, let the experts at Triangle Legacy help you. Our hardwood floor cleaning services in Anne Arundel County MD can help you get your floors looking shiny and stunning!

Proper maintenance is crucial for hardwood floors. Even if you don’t go into the room very often, your floor can accumulate dust and dirt. In more popular areas of the house, your floors will quickly become dirty and dusty. Grime can eat away at your floor’s surface, making it appear dull and more susceptible to scratches.

To restore your hardwood floors, contact our team of local experts. We are proud to offer our expert hardwood floor cleaning and buffing services to Anne Arundel County. Our local experts service Annapolis, Crofton, Glen Burnie, Linthicum, and Severn.

 About Our Cleaning and Buffing Service in Anne Arundel County

At Triangle Legacy, we want to get your hardwood floor looking like new again. Our hardwood floor cleaning services in Annapolis MD can remove dirt buildup using an efficient, gentle process. We understand just how sensitive hardwood floors can be, so we only use the best cleaning supplies and tools for our restoration process.

If you are considering replacing your floor, you may want to consider a professional cleaning instead. Call us today and we will assess the condition of your floors and show you first-hand how we can restore your space. No job is too tough for our technicians!

Our goal at Triangle Legacy is to do whatever it takes to get your floors looking their best. We are determined to tackle any scratches, buff surfaces, and remove dirt. Our technicians pride themselves on using a gentle, yet powerful process.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Cleaning in Crofton MD

vacuuming hardwood floorHardwood floors are a stunning addition to any home. They are a great investment and add a touch of style to any room. Unfortunately, these gorgeous floors aren’t the easiest to care for. A lot of routine maintenance is needed to keep the floor’s finish and overall durability.

Triangle Legacy’s technicians are passionate specialists who enjoy restoring floors to their former glory. Our hardwood floor cleaning services in Glen Burnie MD involve deep cleaning techniques and powerful tools that work on a wide range of floor types. Whenever you work with our dedicated team, you know we will get the job done right the first time.

Scratches are a common issue with hardwood floors. These marks are easily noticeable and caused by pets, shoes, furniture, and more. In rooms with a lot of foot traffic, a scratch is inevitable. If these marks are left untreated, they can cause deterioration in your floor. With our hardwood floor refinishing services in Linthicum MD, we can buff those scratches and clean your floor to hide the damage and make it look brand new.

Repairing a hardwood floor can be a costly endeavor. By focusing your time on conducting routine maintenance, you are able to prevent the wear and tear that causes the need for repair. Our team of specialists will buff, clean, and recoat your floors as quickly as possible.

Our Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

Our hardwood floor cleaning service in Severn MD uses a multi-step process that involves preparing the floor, then rinsing, cleaning, and polishing. Any dirt stuck on your floor is quickly removed before we coat the floor to restore its shine. To learn more about our unique process, please contact us today.

How Hardwood Floor Wax Removal Works

Wax buildup affects a lot of hardwood floors. Our wax removal service is designed to eliminate residue and buildup to quickly restore your floors.

When homeowners notice waxy buildup, they often rush to the store to pickup cleaning solutions and rejuvenation products. The issue is that these items will alter the appearance of hardwood floors with prolonged use. It doesn’t matter if you are using an oil, wax, or acrylic cleaner, your floor will darken and leave behind heavy residue.

Triangle Legacy has years of experience selecting the best commercial products to restore your hardwood floor. We also have the expertise to recommend preventative maintenance to keep your floor looking shiny and clean.

If you need assistance getting your hardwood floor clean or removing waxy buildup, contact us today.

 Protect Your Hardwood Floors in Anne Arundel County

Triangle Legacy makes protecting your floors easy. Our unique services are designed to keep your floors protected from everyday damage and moisture. In addition to utilizing our services, be sure to avoid store-bought protectors and cleaners, as these can leave behind residue and dull the color of your floor.

Hardwood floor cleaning also involves a wax removal process. Our services are simple and easy.

Here’s how we treat your floor:

  • Identify the amount of build-up.
  • Prepare the floors for wax removal and use an emulsifier to soften the wax.
  • Utilize agitation tools to remove wax from the surface.
  • Extract any wax buildup using cleansers.
  • Buff the hardwood floors.
  • Screen and recoat the floor.

How Does Triangle Legacy’s Screen and Recoat Services Work?

Our screen and recoating services address common issues and restore the shine to your hardwood floors. Screen and recoat services are very quick and our technicians will address any areas with surface-level scratches. The goal of these services is to prevent any further damage.

Screening and recoating cannot remove the scratches from a hardwood floor. Instead, it improves the floor’s overall appearance and protects it. This is also called a sandless refinishing service. Throughout the process, we use commercial-grade polyurethane and the treatment can last for up to five years.

Want to restore your hardwood floors in Anne Arundel County but don’t know where to start? We are here to help! Contact our team of local specialists to learn more! We are always ready to help!

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