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fairfax county location mapSometimes, scratches and stains can be impossible to get rid of. When it comes to hardwood floors, these imperfections can’t be scrubbed away with store-bought cleaners. If you are having a difficult time tackling these issues, let the cleaning specialists at Triangle Legacy help! Our experienced team members in Fairfax County can help you get the gorgeous floors your home deserves.

The first step in getting the perfect hardwood floors in Fairfax County VA is maintenance. Even in rooms that don’t see as much foot traffic, preventative maintenance can help you avoid dirt and dust buildup. More traveled areas of the home will accumulate dirt, dust, and grime fast if they aren’t properly cared for. This can eat away at the floor, making the wood appear dull and make it more susceptible to scratching.

If you are wondering how to take your first steps in restoring your hardwood floor, contact our experienced specialists. Our local experts service Alexandria, Annadale, Burke, Centreville, Chantilly, Fairfax, Great Falls, McLean, Reston, Springfield, Tyson’s Corner, Vienna, and the surrounding area.

 Everything You Need to Know about Floor Buffing and Cleaning Services

At Triangle Legacy, our hardwood floor cleaning specialists in Alexandria VA strive to get your floor looking its best ever. We work hard to remove dirt, grime, and other buildup using a gentle, yet effective and powerful process. We know that hardwood floors are delicate and require special care. That’s why we carefully select cleaning solutions and tools designed for hardwood floors.

A lot of people are torn between cleaning and replacing their floors. Replacing the floor may sound easy, but it is very expensive and time-consuming. If you aren’t sure which is the best choice for your Fairfax County home, contact our local hardwood floor cleaning company in Annadale VA. We offer free assessments and can explain your options in detail. A good cleaning may be all your floor needs!

The technicians at Triangle Legacy are passionate about cleaning hardwood floors with care and will do whatever it takes to restore your space. Our team can guide you on the best ways to hide scratches, buff surfaces, or remove dirt.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Cleaning in Burke VA

scrubbing hardwood floorHardwood floor cleaning services in Centreville VA can be an excellent investment for your home. A clean hardwood floor is a stylish addition to any room, but we understand that it may not be the easiest thing to care for. Working with an experienced technician can be the best way to understand your floor’s needs and keep your floor looking shiny.

Our reliable hardwood floor refinishing and cleaning services in Chantilly VA can help you maintain and restore your floor. Your hardwood floor should be the highlight of your home and our experienced technicians can help make that happen. We use commercial-grade cleaning solutions and powerful tools to help refinish and restore your unique floor.

Among the most difficult issues people have with hardwood floors are scratches. Unfortunately, scratches can be caused by furniture, shoes, pets, and almost anything else. These marks are easily noticeable by guests and even affect rooms that don’t see a lot of foot traffic. If you don’t treat the scratch, it can actually cause some big problems, such as deterioration. Our hardwood floor refinishing company in Fairfax VA can easily tackle the toughest scratches.

Repairing your hardwood floor shouldn’t be difficult or costly. To avoid damage, focus on creating a good maintenance routine to prevent wear and tear. Our floor cleaning company in Great Falls VA is ready to help buff, clean, recoat, and restore your hardwood floors.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

How do hardwood floor cleaning services in McLean VA work? At Triangle Legacy, we use a multi-step process to get your hardwood floor sparkling clean. We prepare the floor and then rinse, clean, and polish. This simple process eliminates any dirt or grime buildup on the floor. Then, we coat the floor to restore its look. To learn more about our unique process, contact one of our representatives today. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Hardwood Floor Wax Removal in Reston VA

Wax buildup can also impact the look and feel of a hardwood floor. Our reliable hardwood floor cleaning company in Springfield VA has the experience needed to quickly and effectively remove residue and buildup.

If you notice waxy buildup, don’t make the mistake of running to the store to buy cleaning solutions or rejuvenation products. While they sound convenient and like an inexpensive option, they can alter the appearance of your floor over time. It doesn’t matter if the store-bought cleaner has an oil, wax, or acrylic base, it can darken the color of a hardwood floor and may leave behind an unsightly residue.

Triangle Legacy’s specialists have a reputation for selecting excellent commercial cleaning products that restore the look of your hardwood floor without changing the color. Our specialists will also help you keep your floor looking amazing by recommending preventative maintenance steps.

To learn more about our hardwood floor wax removal and cleaning company in Tyson’s Corner VA, contact us today.

Protect Your Home’s Hardwood Floors

Our specialists make protecting your hardwood floor a breeze. Our reliable technicians will work hard to ensure your floor is protected from moisture and dirt. Our hardwood floor cleaning services are designed to be convenient. Here’s how it works:

First, we identify the amount of wax buildup and prepare the floors for removal. We use an emulsifier to soften the wax. Agitation tools are then used to remove buildup from the surface. It is then extracted using cleaners. Afterwards, we buff, screen, and recoat the floor.

Screen and Recoat Services Available Now

Triangle Legacy is also proud to offer reliable screen and recoating services to help you restore and protect your floor’s shine. Our technicians use innovative screening and coating techniques to address any scratches on the floor. While the process won’t remove the scratches, it can enhance the floor’s appearance using a sandless refinishing service. This involves using a commercial-grade polyurethane to recoat the area. This effective treatment lasts for up to five years.

Ready to restore your hardwood floor? Our local hardwood floor cleaning company in Vienna VA can help you get your floor looking its best. Contact Triangle Legacy today to learn more!

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