Health Concerns After Natural Disasters

Health Concerns After Natural DisastersMost individuals experiencing natural disasters are left to face not just damaged belongings and a home, yet also the probability of unexpected unhealthy living conditions. From mold growth, to stagnant water that contains bacteria, and the release of toxins in the environment, breathing in or coming in contact with these things might have long-term, harmful health consequences.

Growth of Mold

Mold will thrive in humid, damp environments, which is precisely the circumstances caused by Hurricanes Irma and Harvey in Florida and Texas. The effects of mold will range from throat and eye irritation to more severe respiratory problems, particularly from black mold.

Toxins in the environment

People often discuss environmental toxins such as asbestos and lead in the house as safe until disturbed or damaged. Well, the unfortunate fact is that natural disasters such as fires and hurricanes will cause this damage, and create one more thing for owners of homes to be concerned with.

Asbestos is a mineral which, at one time, had multiple uses in a home, which included siding, insulation, tiling, shingling, furnaces, etc. The fire-resistant components of asbestos made it prime material for construction until it was found that asbestos might cause multiple respiratory issues, which includes mesothelioma.

The main problem concerning lead is slow physical and mental development in kids if they’re exposed, particularly as chippable lead paint is within reach of youngsters like on banisters or windowsills.

Stagnant floodwater

Floodwater sometimes contains toxins which contaminate water from chemical plants, landfills, superfund sites and sewage. Stagnant water outdoors or maybe in the basement might contain a plethora of bacteria which might cause gastrointestinal issues or even infection if it touches a cut or additional open wound.

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