Help! My Carpeting Has Black Lines Around the Edges!

Are there grey or black lines that surround the corners of your carpeting, especially underneath the doors and near the baseboards? Plus, no matter how often you vacuum and scrub those spaces, the stains just keep on coming back? If that sounds like your story, you have fallen victim to what carpeting pros refer to as filtration soiling.

Prevention and Cleaning

Permanently eliminating filtration soiling may be a little complicated. That is because most of the particles which have built up on the carpeting is extremely fine. In addition, those particles often are a mixture of substances (dust, oils, smoke, etc.); therefore, a single cleaning agent might not be ideal for extracting each of them. Honestly, for the most efficient filtration soiling removal, it is better to call an expert carpet care company. They not just have expertise handling those stains, they additionally have the proper blend of professional-grade cleaning products, vacuum attachments, and specialized brushes that are best suited for the task.

With that said, there are many steps that each homeowner affected with filtration soiling might take to prevent and limit its effects. Begin by decreasing the quantity of air that flows through your carpeting by sealing all cracks in the subfloor or baseboards. Then, be certain the air in your home is as indoor pollutant free as possible. This means routinely changing the residence air system’s filters, with high-efficiency vacuum bags, as well as restricting the burning of candles indoors. Plus, if there are any smokers in your house, ask them to smoke outside. You also may attempt to leave your interior doors ajar. It’ll permit air to freely pass from one room to another rather than becoming forced through the tiny gaps beneath the doors.

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