Helping a Hoarder Throw Out Sentimental Items

Even when a hoarder agrees to clean their house, it might be tough. This may particularly be the case as it pertains to eliminating sentimental items. With the following tips, it’s possible to help a hoarder get rid of their sentimental possessions so they may have a safe, clean living space once again.


Emphasize Memory Over Item

One reason a possession might be difficult to dispose of is because of the memory related to it. The item reminds you of a moment in the past, so you keep it. However, it is vital to keep in mind that the possession isn’t the memory itself. If you dispose of the item, it doesn’t mean you also are disposing of the memory. This concept may be useful while attempting to help people impacted by hoarding determine what to eliminate from their house. Our team of experts at Triangle Legacy Flood Restoration & Carpet Cleaning are here to help with this sensitive process, call us today and we will schedule an appointment.

Use Item One Final Time

Occasionally, it might be useful for folks to throw things out if they use them one last time. It’ll give them a chance to get it out of their system. For instance, if there is a hat the impacted person is experiencing trouble parting with, have them put it on and enjoy it for a little while. Take photos of them wearing it to preserve the moment. Those actions will help them feel more comfortable with disposing of the item.

Repurpose Possessions

Just because possessions serve no purpose, it doesn’t mean it must stay that way. For instance, a person might hoard worn out tee-shirts that they don’t really use. However, these shirts may be made useful by turning them to a blanket. This choice permits things which merely took space up to serve a purpose and may be great to consider for any collection of items.

Expert Hoarding Cleaning Services

When someone who has problems with hoarding disorder agrees to clean their house, it’s good news. But the actual hoarding clean-up may be dangerous and overwhelming because of the quantity of cleaning that has to be done and the quantity of content that must be sorted. Due to this, it is useful to hire a professional to offer hoarding cleaning services.