Hoarding: it’s a combination of behaviors and compulsions whereby someone stores, collects, or gathers specific items.  In evolution, it serves an adaptive purpose as animal species hoard scarce food sources, yet the maladaptive variant refers to the behavior that takes control of someone’s life.  Hoarding may cause sanitation concerns, stress on relationships, and financial strain.


  • Embarrassment about allowing people into the house
  • Denial of the issue
  • Financial ruin
  • Social isolation
  • Intrusive thoughts about valuables
  • A hard time remaining organized
  • Anxiety about objects being tossed out
  • Saving objects that have very little value (clothing, garbage, papers, etc.)
  • A hard time tossing items out


Some sufferers believe the objects saved have value or might have value down the line.  Occasionally that value may be psychological, as in the case of emotional significance or sentimental value.  The hoarder will feel a sense of safety and security when interacting in the behavior and will suffer anxiety if forced to cease.

Consequences of Hoarding

  • Incapability of changing without intervention
  • Child Protection Services may be called on if kids live in squalor
  • Lose Quality of Life
  • Fire Hazard
  • Faced with Consumer legal action
  • Homelessness / Risk of eviction from rented property
  • Physical Health and safety risks for co-inhabitants, visitors, and hoarders
  • Additional Mental Health risks
  • Shame
  • Depression
  • Family Breakdown
  • Social Isolation


The hoarder likely won’t realize their behavior as a problem, yet a family member or close friend is frequently the one to recommend treatment.  Hoarders won’t want others to see how they live and will have a hard time forming relationships because of their necessity to hoard; therefore, social isolation is typical.  A therapist will talk about the hoarder’s issue and learn how a client uses hoarding as a way to control and reduce anxiety.  A therapist will softly challenge the thought process and assist the hoarder in taking steps to cease in hoarding, decrease their clutter, as well as get their life headed in the desired direction.

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