Home Renovation

Disaster restoration could very well imply an opportunity, or even good excuse to embark on a home renovation project.

  • Flooded basement?
  • Moldy bathroom?
  • Kitchen calamity?
  • You just ‘feel like’!

Home Renovation Washington DCIn dire straits, Triangle Legacy committedly remains your first and last resort.

The fact of the matter

It is a well-known fact that water, mold & fire damage can have catastrophic effects on your home or property. That’s where we come in!

In addition to providing you with flood & water damage restoration services and/or mold remediation & removal services, our team also boasts expertise in seamlessly transforming your damaged (or not!) home/property from its previous condition to a much more exciting condition!

Where do we offer our services?

Primarily to residents of the Washington DC Metropolitan area as well as Northern Virginia.

Why hire us?

  • Life is unpredictable, and in the presence of unpredictability, any element of stability is typically extremely welcome. The team at Triangle Legacy are your stability in this current day that is riddled with natural disasters!
  • We provide you with expert services at the most competitive prices in the areas we serve.
  • Although we provide the best home renovation solutions post-disaster restoration, we also provide home renovation services, simply because you want or need it! Consider us a one stop shop!
  • At Triangle Legacy, we believe that one size does NOT fit all. As a result, we provide you with specific solutions for your particular problem or concern.
  • Our priority to take care of you so that you can take care of yours!
  • Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Basement renovation services

All it takes is one freak rainstorm, and voila! …..Flooded basement! Flooded basements are one of the many reasons why a person may want or need basement renovation services. We typically take a closer look at any damage in order to provide accurate solutions. In the absence of damage, we listen attentively to your needs and together devise a way forward during our free consultation & estimate.

So, how may we be of service?

What about Basement Remodeling Services?

  • Transformation into living space;
  • Addition of a bathroom or kitchen
  • Enhancement of the current aesthetics via painting and recreating the ambiance etc., etc., etc.

The Bottom Line is whether you have previously experienced a disaster in your basement or not, we can work side by side with you, to transform your dreams into reality.

Kitchen Renovation Services

Whether the gas stove caught on fire or a water pipe burst thereby damaging your kitchen, the ‘heart’ of your home or property, Triangle Legacy can help! In addition to offering damage restoration services, we can also renovate and restore your damaged kitchen area to far exceed your expectations. The fact of the matter is, whether your kitchen cabinets were destroyed by a fire or dishwasher overflow and you simply want to replace them; or whether you’re just ready for a change, a ‘new attitude’, our team can and will help you, if you call!

Bathroom Renovation

Simply want to remodel your bathroom? ……and get rid of ugly mold spots while you’re at it? Call Us! At Triangle Legacy, we know that bathrooms are the perfect habitat for mold spores. The warmth, humidity and oxygen levels are all conducive to the genesis of a mold infestation. When we renovate your bathroom, we keep these things in mind and educate our clients accordingly as we implement the most ideal strategies to yield ultimate satisfactory results, for the long term.

We provide free consultation & estimate before the commencement of any job.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call at (301) 523-9419

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