Home Restoration and Renovation


Kitchens are the very heart of the home. A kitchen is a place to prepare meals together and to share the events of the day over a great meal. It is also a place to store food items and equipment and to feel safe and comfortable. Your kitchen should reflect your sense of style and provide a place for fun and fellowship and the celebrations of life. Triangle Legacy’s professionals will work with you to bring your ideas to life. We will partner with you to create a kitchen that reflects your home’s soul and your family’s tastes, accurately and distinctively. Call us at (855) 806-2088 to design a kitchen that fits your lifestyle and your budget.


Bathtime! One of the best times of the day. Whether you choose a long hot bath in the evening or a nice brisk shower in the morning, it is a time of relaxation and reflection. The bathroom should provide you with an environment where you can just be you. Whether you need a bath that provides room for splashing water and rubber ducks or one that is more Zen-like, Triangle Legacy’s professionals will bring your ideas to life. Call us at (855) 806-2088 to design a bathroom that is as romantic or kid-proof as you need it to be.


Living and Family Rooms

Whether you use your living room or family room as the hub of your home is completely up to you. Triangle Legacy’s professionals understand that you need a place for entertaining family and friends that reflects your own distinct sense of style. Let’s discuss your ideas and prepare a plan that will celebrate your family’s occasions in a uniquely individual way. Triangle Legacy’s professionals can help you to translate those ideas from your creative mind to reality. Enjoy your living and family rooms in a whole new way….your way.



A quiet, romantic retreat from the world – cozy and comfortable and where the two of you can get to know each other all over again. Or, a place where the kids can live out their imaginations in a tropical jungle or a fairy princesses castle. Maybe it’s a guest room where your family and friends can spend a few days enjoying an escape of their own. Whatever the need or desire, Triangle Legacy’s professionals will help you bring your ideas to life in a way that fits your needs and your budget.

Outdoor Living

A patio or deck area is a place that will quickly become an extension of your home. Indoor and outdoor living is the best of two worlds. Let Triangle Legacy’s professionals help you realize your dream of more usable space …. Outdoors! Whether you want to add a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, outdoor deck, patio, screened porch or all of these elements to create a place that is uniquely yours, Triangle Legacy’s professionals can bring your dreams to life. We’ll help to create a place where you can live out your dreams….outdoors.

Call us at 800-830-3324 or Request a Quote today. Let us show you how you can create this special place within your budget. There is no limit to what we can create together!