How Can Clogged Gutters Produce Mold Damage in my House?

mold damage due to clogged guttersWinter and fall are gorgeous seasons of the year. But they also can be disastrous as it’ll come to the well-being of your house. With the rise in snowfall and rainfall, there’s a greater chance of mold damage developing around the house. One area this mold may begin to form is inside the gutters. Ensure that you consistently clean your gutters out or hire a professional to deal with it for you.

Leaf Debris Produces Disaster

The purpose of a gutter involves directing water away from your home, so it doesn’t slide down the siding then pool around the foundation. In autumn and winter, there’s a higher likelihood of leaves and additional debris building up inside the gutters.

Mold requires organic material and moisture to thrive. The rain brings this moisture and having twigs, leaves, and additional items inside the gutters are the organic material mold requires to develop. You must clean your gutters out frequently, particularly if you reside in an area that has lots of vegetation.

Water Will Seep into the Basement or Siding

As the gutters flood, water pours down the home’s siding. Siding is seldom ever waterproof; therefore, water will make its way through the cracks and ultimately penetrate the outside wood sheathing. Then it goes inside your house into the wooden wall space, spawning mold growth. The same holds true for the basement of your house. If the basement’s window isn’t completely sealed, water may enter the basement and flood it.

Mold Damage Symptoms

You might not physically notice mold around the property, particularly if it develops in spaces you don’t go to all of the time. But you’ll see how the symptoms impact your loved ones. When mold is within the area, it’ll trigger runny noses and chronic coughing. Individuals who have asthma will notice these symptoms start to exacerbate. If not promptly treated, mold may lead to various respiratory issues. You must immediately fix the problem because it just takes 24 hours for mold to initially develop.

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