How Can I Get My Cat to Stop Scratching Up My Couch?

upholstery cleaning tipsIt’s possible to get your kitty to stop scratching your couch. In time for Aunt Shirley’s visit, too. Below we list the steps to save your new sofa from experiencing the same fate as the old one.

Day One: Locate, decide on, and buy multiple cat scratching posts and interactive cat toys. It’s a crucial step in the process.

Day Two: Put the scratching posts strategically around the house. Pick spots your cat already enjoys hanging out, like close to windows and inside the family room with you. They also like to stretch and scratch as they initially rise from a catnap; therefore, putting a post close to her regular sleeping space is an excellent idea. Cats scratch partially to mark territory; therefore, do not tuck the post away within an unused corner.

Day Three: Make your sofa an unappealing space for scratching. It’s possible to accomplish that by using one or more of these methods:

  • Tuck a sheet around scratched space of the sofa tightly so the cat cannot get underneath it to scratch the sofa.
  • Use some aluminum foil or double-sided tape on the sofa.
  • Spray the sofa with a citrus-scented spray because felines have a natural aversion to citrus smells.


Day Four: Get your pet interested in the posts by spraying them with honeysuckle or sprinkling them with catnip.

Day Five: Get your kitty even more curious about the post by using a wand toy. Begin by playing with the toy a couple of feet away from the scratching post. Once your furry friend is playing along, sweep the cat toy so that the end drapes over the post. Oftentimes, as cats “discover” the post that way, particularly when it is covered in a scratch-worthy material such as sisal fabric, they’ll return repeatedly.

Day Six: At this point, your pet shouldn’t be scratching your couch anymore; however, if he is, think about adding Feliway to the anti-scratching arsenal. Feliway is a product which mimics the cat facial pheromone which makes them feel calmer.

Day Seven: Enjoy your new sofa and get prepared for Aunt Shirley’s visit. Your pet now should be using his scratching post rather than your sofa.

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