How Do you Clean an Area Rug That is on a Hardwood Floor?


If stains on your rug are multiplying, it may be time to attempt your hand at cleaning it. Whether you never have cleaned your rug, or it has been a while, here is how to clean your area rug on top of the hardwood flooring.


Begin Vacuuming


The first thing to do while cleaning the area rug is completely vacuum it on both parts. On the part with the fibers you will be eliminating all debris that is accumulated and on the under-side you will be removing dust that has piled underneath.


Once it has been completely vacuumed, it also isn’t a bad idea to take it outdoors and beat it using a tennis racket or broom handle to get more dust out.




Step two after dusting and vacuuming the area rug is to shampoo it with a special rug cleaner. Before committing to shampooing the whole rug’s surface, test it on a small edge to check if there’ll be any fading or dye migration. It also is important to look at what kinds of fibers the rug shampoo works better on, or else it might cause damage that isn’t repairable.


Rinse the Area Rug


After the shampoo sets in, you will have to completely rinse it, so you do not have any residue that is left on the fibers.


Dry Out


Before bringing the rug back indoors to place on top of the hardwood floors, you will need to let it dry completely. Even though waiting is a huge part of the process of drying, there are some things to do to speed it up. It’s possible to use a wet-dry vacuum or a squeegee to wring out the rug and get out excessive water to help it along.


Not certain if you really want to go the do-it-yourself route? Contact a professional instead. Triangle Legacy has been offering rug cleaning services for more than 10 years. Your rug will not be in safer hands; therefore, call to arrange a service today in the Washington DC area at (301) 523-9419.