How Frequently Should You Get Tile and Grout Cleaning?

tile and grout cleaningWe get asked all of the time, “How frequently should I get tile cleaning?” Well, it all depends on you, as well as your living environment. Getting your tile sealed and cleaned should happen more frequently in high traffic areas and heavily used spaces about one time a year.

We see kitchens being cleaned on a yearly basis yet living spaces are generally cleaned every few years. And why is this? Your kitchen space sees the most dirt and grease and also is the most mopped space in the home. Unfortunately, the majority of homeowners utilize the incorrect tools and products to get their floors cleaned.

What will happen is that with using the incorrect tools and products a residue begins forming on your floor and attracts dirt.

How Frequently Should I Get Kitchen Tile Cleaning?

We recommend professionally cleaning your kitchen area one time a year. A great impregnating sealant helps keep your grout cleaner longer and allows for easier cleaning on a yearly basis.

Should I Clean the Bathroom Tile Once a Year?

Yes, we suggest professionally cleaning the inside of your shower and floors around one time a year. And why is that? Because those spaces receive the most use and it is possible to prevent mildew and mold through routine maintenance.

What About the Living Room or Entryway?

We suggest cleaning your tile in those spaces every few years or as needed. The general rule of thumb is every other cleaning to get your living and entry space cleaned. It all depends on your mopping method and space usage.

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