How Long Has It Been Since You Had a Carpet Cleaning?

carpet cleaningCarpet cleaning involves a process which takes a professional touch. Once you get the service done, you will be shocked by how rapidly your house becomes transformed. Soft surfaces such as fabric-covered chairs and carpet are magnets for dander, dust, and other irritants. Vacuuming helps, yet deep cleaning methods are the only real way to sanitize such surfaces.

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Carpet Cleaning: Vacuuming and Pre-Inspection

When our expert cleaners get to your house, their first aim includes determining the kind of services needed. They’ll take a closer look to identify any challenging stains that need extra care. When this has happened, a team member will perform a dry vacuum treatment. It’s made to remove all loose dirt and permit cleaning solutions to really penetrate underneath the surface.

Cleaning Continued: Cleaning, Pre-Treating, Moving

In the next phase, our crew will perform the heavy lifting. We’ll determine how to best take care of the cleaning procedure and move all items that are blocking the way. Cleaning your whole carpet is a vital part of the equation. Our team wants to provide you a thorough cleaning, and not just around items. When objects are in the proper places, we’ll pre-treat as necessary. As soon as we’re able to get things going, we’ll undertake the cleaning procedure. Depending upon the cleaning level necessary, this procedure might take a while. Our pros are trained in using a number of steam cleaners, high power vacuums, as well as air movers to get your residence fully dry and clean.

Carpet Cleaning Wrap-Up: Post-Clean Inspection

When your house has been dried and cleaned, a team member will walk you through the work space to verify that you’re satisfied with all of the work we have done. If there are any concerns, we’ll immediately address them. We want you to be satisfied before we begin to pack up and leave.

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