How to Allergy-Proof Your Household

If yallergens at homeou have allergic asthma or hay fever symptoms all throughout the year, you might be suffering tremendously.

Allergy season is now upon us; yet did you have any idea that the core cause of your allergy symptoms actually could be something that is right there inside your household? Therefore, even if you’re careful not to go outdoors, you might be getting “home sick” as an outcome of allergens which are building up inside your home. Plus, this might occur even if you consider your home to be fairly clean. Take a look at this post provided by Triangle Legacy to learn about some suggestions on decreasing allergens in your household:


Humidity and temperature

Humid, hot home are breeding grounds for mold, as well as dust mites. Maintain the temperature in your home from 68 ℉ (20℃) to 72 ℉ (22 ℃) and keep its relative humidity no greater than 50%. Replace or clean small-particle filters inside central heating &cooling systems, as well as in room AC’s at least one time per month.



It is possible to control mice, as well as cockroaches using inexpensive traps from the local hardware shop. If that isn’t efficient, employ an exterminator. In order to eliminate allergy-causing mouse and insect residue, wash hard surfaces and completely vacuum carpets. To prevent a re-infestation, you can seal all cracks or other potential entryways.



Close all windows and doors during hot weather and use dehumidifiers and air conditioning. Remove contaminated, non-washable materials like carpeting. Clean washable materials using a solution of 5% chlorine bleach and use a protective mask while cleaning mold. Check all ceilings and roof for water leaks.


Weekly cleaning regimen

Damp-mop linoleum or wood flooring and vacuum carpets. Utilize a vacuum cleaner that has a high-efficiency particulate air filter or a small-particle filter. Utilize a moist cloth to clean additional surfaces, which includes the tops of window frames, windowsills, as well as doors. If you suffer from allergies, either use a dust mask or get somebody who does not suffer from allergies to do this task.



Do not permit smoking inside your home.