How to know if you have hired an expert carpet cleaner in DC?

The Washington DC local market is full of carpet cleaners who follow a bait and switch policy leaving customers in the lurch; but that does not mean you have to put up with a messy carpet. There are lot many professional carpet cleaners who are expert in their jobs and are waiting for your call. But how do you know if you have hired an expert? Well, here are some tips that will help you choose the best one – who will treat your carpet well and is honest in pricing.

References work well in the first place. If your friends have had a good experience you too are likely to enjoy it. On the same line, you should avoid carpet cleaners who do not enjoy a good reputation. You should also not blindly go for companies who are luring customers with deep discounts or are throwing up discount coupons everywhere. Make sure to thoroughly check their credentials such as –

Website – It should carry details about company, their carpet cleaning method and services they provide.

Insurance – The company should have insurance to cover any loss or if any accident happens to professionals while cleaning your carpet.

Training and certification – Inquire if the technicians have the required training and experience.

License – Ask if the company has a license to work as a carpet cleaner.

Reference – Request for references so that you can speak to people who have experienced their service.

If the company offers you satisfactory replies, go on to probe further to ensure the safety of your carpet.

Cleaning agents – Ask about the cleaning agents they are likely to use. If you are allergic or have kids and pets at home pay special attention to this. If you are environmentally sensitive ask for eco-friendly cleaning agents. As all agents do not work equally well on all types of carpet, insist on testing the solution on a small piece of carpet first.

Cleaning method – Discuss the cleaning method the company will deploy on your carpet. The two most popular methods are steam cleaning and using absorbent pads. Ensure the chosen method is recommended by your carpet manufacturer.

If the company sounds professional and genuine go on to discuss further.

Additional service – Find out if the company offers services such as stain removal, carpet deodorizing, carpet repair, furniture removal etc. Take services which are necessary for your carpet.

Pricing – Ask the company to give you a quote that includes all. Some companies quote a low price initially to entice customers but charge separately for everything like stain removal, deodorizing etc. Make sure the company gives you a detail about pricing so you are not shocked with the final bill.

A detailed interaction with the company will help you get an insight of its functioning. If you are satisfied and your intuition gives a positive response go ahead. After all, carpet cleaning is not a once in a lifetime job. You would need the service every year or may be twice a year. If your experience with the carpet cleaner goes well, you know whom to call next time.