How to Indicate Water Damage in the Bathroom

water damaged bathroom

Water damage isn’t always simple to find, particularly in your bathroom. After all, water is a common occurrence in bathrooms!  Knowing what you can search for within the game of hide-and-seek “water damage style” is critical for property owners wanting to prevent extensive water damage inside the bathroom. Consider a few of the following tips for potential spaces of water damage in the bathroom and quickly take action if you discover them:

Soft Flooring

If you have knowledge that your house was constructed using a wooden floor truss system, the sub-flooring is probably designed of plywood. If the plywood gets subjected to moisture, the sub-flooring will rot, and floor will start feeling spongy or soft in places. Also, your toilet might feel unstable as you sit down. It might cause your whole floor to collapse if left unattended.

Trust Your Nose

If you smell something damp or musty after a full cleaning, it’s likely because of moisture damage which is lurking behind your walls. Even though most older houses have this smell, rooms that have damage have a more distinctive odor. Occasionally you may not have the ability to see it yet be certain to trust your nose and contact our pros to locate the affected space.

Warped Walls

It’s another clear indication that might point to a problem. As drywall absorbs water, it starts swelling and becomes soft. Over a period of time, the damaged space begins to crumble, particularly around baseboards. If you take your hand and run it across the wall and it’s uneven or appears crooked as you look at it, get it checked by our specialists.

Visible Mold

Mold actually is built from the inside out; and by the time you notice it, no matter how much you actually scrub, it won’t go away. You’ll require the assistance of our experts to return your residence to a safe place for your entire family.

Repair and Inspect Water Damage in the Bathroom

In order to prevent harmful mold from forming, as well as causing deterioration in the bathroom, contact your local Triangle Legacy professionals to repair and inspect the water damage in your bathroom.