How To keep Easter Egg Dye off Your Upholstery and Carpets

easter egg dye removalA classic Easter celebration includes brunch, followed up by an egg hunt – as well as the family tradition of dyeing eggs. The issue lies in the Easter egg dye – it’ll get everywhere, no matter if it’s commercial or a more natural dye batch you made at home. Whether dyes are from natural or chemical sources, if spilled, it’s possible to expect to be handling some challenging stains.

Help! Egg Dye is Everywhere!

No matter how careful you are at laying out protective plastic or paper, you and your children may be left with stains on clothing, hands, and in the worst case – on the carpet, with unsightly blotches and spots of red, blue, and green. All egg dyes may be a disaster if spilled or as bright egg dyes are transferred from little stained hands to upholstery or carpets.

What Do you Do if Egg Dye Gets on Your Carpeting?

  • If you notice handprints, drips, or blotches in green, red, or blue, the most vital thing you can do is immediately attack the area with a mix of (uncolored) dishwashing liquid and hot water. Just use paper towels or a white cloth to blot at the stain – do not rub as it’ll push the dye deeper inside the carpet fibers. Keep on blotting until no more color appears upon the paper towels or cloth. Begin at the outside edges and move inside to keep the egg dye from spreading.
  • Rinse using a white, clean cloth and water and permit it to air dry.
  • Still notice color? Try non-sudsing ammonia blended with water (you just need 1 Tbsp. per cup of water). First test your carpet! You do not want to remove the color from the carpet!
  • A few spot remover sprays will work; however, those solutions or sprays must be tested first so you aren’t left with spaces of your valuable carpeting looking bleached.

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