How to Keep your Basement from Flooding

Prevent flooded BasementA flooded basement can be an owner’s worst nightmare. When a flood happens in your basement, your spare chest of drawers, your old pictures, your kid’s clothing – it all could be jeopardized. It is especially critical that you watch for basement floods if you reside in specific flood-prone regions of the United States; however, it cannot hurt to ensure that you are ready no matter where you’re located.

Look at these 5 tips for prevention of flooding in the basement:

Clean your Floor Drains

A floor drain, which helps prevent flooding and additional types of water damage, may become clogged with debris and dirt. It might block the pipes for when water enters the basement, and leads to buildup which may lead to flooding. Keep your drains debris-free and there is a better opportunity that the basement will not flood.

Check the Gutters

This might sound like an odd suggestion – but it is vital that you ensure that the gutters aren’t obstructed so that any water which comes in does not collect. If the gutters are full of dirt or leaves, water has to head somewhere – generally down. If rain dumps in buckets around the house rather than being diverted through the gutters, too much water might filter into your home’s foundation.

Divert Rainwater

Along with checking the gutters, figure out ways you can divert rainwater away from the house wherever possible. Extend the rain gutter downspouts and ensure that your yard does not slope toward your home.

Put in a Sump Pump

It’s one of the easiest methods of ensuring that the basement remains dry and clean throughout the rainy months. Those devices help pump water out that may accumulate, and there are a few options to select from. The plumbing professional in your area will come to your home to evaluate and help you figure out what type you need.

Invest in a Source of Backup Power

When it is storming, you want to ensure that the sump pump is connected with a backup generator in the instance the electricity goes out. You do not want the sump to fail, particularly under those circumstances!

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