How to Potty Train your Puppy

urine odor removalHouse-training your puppy or dog requires a lot of consistency, commitment, and patience. Accidents are all a part of the process; however, if you follow the below house-training tips, it’s possible to get your newest family member on the right track in a couple weeks’ time.

Set up a routine

Take your pup outdoors on a frequent basis—at least every 2 hours—and right after after they wake up, after and during playtime, and after drinking or eating.

Choose a bathroom space outdoors, and always take the dog to that space. While your pup is relieving himself, use a certain phrase or word you eventually can use before they go to remind them what they should do. Take the dog out for a longer stroll or some playtime just after they’ve eliminated.

Reward your pup each time he eliminates outside. Give treats or praise—but keep in mind to do so right after he has finished, not directly after he comes back indoors.

Place your dog on a consistent feeding schedule. Depending on his age, puppies typically should be fed 3 – 4 times per day.

Pick your dog’s water dish up about 2.5 hours before bedtime to decrease the likelihood that they will have to relieve themselves overnight. The majority of puppies are able to sleep for around 7 hours without requiring a bathroom break. If your dog wakes you in the night, do not make a huge deal of it; otherwise they’ll think it’s time to play and will not want to return to sleep. Turn on as little lights as you can, do not play or talk to your pup, take them out then take him back to his bed.

Supervise puppy

Do not give the dog a chance to soil inside the house; keep a close eye on him whenever he is indoors.

When you cannot supervise, confine

When you do not have the ability to watch your pup at all times, limit them to a spot small enough that they will not want to eliminate there.

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