How to Prevent Mold from Growing

Mold RemediationMold is an annoyance that all homeowners encounter in some form or another. Mold may cause damage to your home, and in some instances, ramifications for your health. Facing it is pretty much inevitable; however, there are methods of mitigating mold growth. Read further to learn how you can prevent mold in your property, and how the professionals at Triangle Legacy can assist you in remediating a mold issue.

Fight Moisture

Moisture is the top factor in creating an atmosphere in which mold may thrive. The most critical way to prevent it is to decrease moisture. Keep levels of humidity in your home low, and utilize dehumidifiers or ACs during the summer season when humidity levels rise. Always take care of water spills rapidly and make sure the area is completely dried if you experience a flood.

Sufficient Ventilation

Areas like the bathroom are mold breeding grounds because they offer a chance for moisture to accumulate. Run a fan or keep your door open after you take a shower to make sure that all excessive moisture dries swiftly.

Keep It Clean

Diligence in your cleaning activities will assist in preventing mold in many ways. The first includes merely that it minimizes bacteria that is living on the surface. In addition, it permits you to find mold growth in an early phase, and identify the spaces which are the most vulnerable and keep a close eye on them.

Mold Inhibitors

The following time you’re refreshing the paint in your house, think about applying a mold inhibiting primer or a mold resistant paint. Made to be mold resistant, they can’t kill existing mold; however, will decrease the opportunity of future growth.

Careful With Carpeting

One common problem is mold growing beneath the carpet. Generally, this happens when moisture sits inside the carpet, and creates the ideal breeding ground. Avoid putting carpet in moisture-susceptible places like the basement, laundry room, or bathroom

Triangle Legacy Will Help

If you’re suffering a mold issue that’s too extensive to manage by yourself, contact the pros at Triangle Legacy. We’re specially trained in mold remediation and safely will restore your house. Contact us in Virginia today at (703) 673-1175.