How to Prevent Shower Mold

shower moldLarge bathroom mold patches are ugly and a possible health hazard. If you do not have the ability to remove mold on your own, receive assistance with mold remediation from the experts at Triangle Legacy. To prevent a mold issue before it gets out of hand, take the following measures to keep your shower in pristine condition.

  • Master all moisture. Trapping the humidity and moisture created by showers offers a hospitable environment for the growth of mold. Be certain your fan works correctly, or a window is open to permit air flow. It’ll protect the walls during showers and assist in drying the area rapidly once the water is turned off.
  • Observe those faucets. Your bath faucet and showerhead may become your worst enemy, when after you exit the shower a trickle of water continuously leaks. This affects your water bill and adds moisture to the air when the area should by drying. Bathroom sink and toilet faulty plumbing also will contribute to air moisture.
  • Spray gunk away. Invest in a commercial shower spray or make a home-made mixture you’re able to use every day. Utilizing a light cleanser as a portion of your day-to-day routine will save you from the grueling work of scrubbing later down the road.
  • Shine light on situation. Dark spaces promote the growth of mold. In allowing natural light to shine on your shower space, it’ll dry faster, as well as prevent mold spores from spreading. If mold already has taken over these dark corners of the shower, contact Triangle Legacy for assistance with mold remediation.
  • Bring squeegee squad. Prevent the development of mold in those shower grout crevices by wiping down excessive water using a squeegee. You also can use a cloth to dry the space and sop up all of the extra moisture. Even if you do not have time to wipe down the walls each day, taking a couple of minutes every few days will help remove all grime that’s beginning to build up.

For more information about our mold remediation services please feel free to get in touch with Triangle Legacy right away!