How to Prevent Urine-marking Behavior in Dogs

removing urine odor at homeYou should neuter or spay your pet as soon as you can. The longer a pup goes before neutering, the more challenging it’ll be to train him not to mark inside your home. Neutering or spaying your pet should decrease urine-marking and might stop it altogether.

Additional tips

  • Thoroughly clean soiled areas using a cleaner especially made to eliminate urine scent.
  • Make previously soiled spaces unattractive or inaccessible. If that is not possible, change the significance of these spots to your dog. Feed, treat, as well as play with your dog in the spaces in which they mark.
  • Keep items likely to lead to marking out of reach. Objects like new purchases and guests’ belongings ought to be placed inside a cabinet or closet.
  • Resolve conflicts between pets in the home. If you have added a new dog or cat to the family, help them try to live in harmony.
  • Limit your pet’s access to windows and doors so they cannot observe other animals outdoors.
  • Make friends. If your dog is marking because of a new person in your house, have the new person make friends with your dog by playing with, grooming, and feeding your pet. If you have a newborn baby, be certain good things happen to your dog when your baby is around.
  • Keep an eye on your dog when they’re indoors for indications that they’reconsidering urinating. As they start urinating, interrupt them using a loud noise then take them outdoors. If they urinate outdoors, give them a treat and praise them.
  • When you do not have the ability to watch them,tether them to you with a leash or confine your dog.
  • Have your pet obey at least a single command before giving them dinner, put their leash on to go for a stroll, or toss them a toy.
  • If your pet is marking out of anxiety, speak with the vet about medicating them with a brief course of anti-anxiety meds. It’ll calm them down, as well as make behavior modification more efficient.

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