How to Remove Candle Wax from the Garbage Disposal’s Drain

remove candle waxPeople sometimes mistakenly believe that pouring warm candle wax down the drain is the safest method of disposing of it; instead, it’s a great way to clog the drain. If your toilet, tub, or sink is clogged with candle wax, there are methods to attempt to remove it without having to call in a professional. Just ensure that you stick with the suggested methods, so you do not unwittingly make the issue worse.

Step One: Boil water then pour it down your sink. It might take a little time for the water to completely drain. Repeat as frequently as needed to ensure that the pipes are flushed of the candle wax. It’s also possible to run warm tap water to flush your pipes as the clog starts to melt.

Step Two: Pour in a safe solvent that isn’t petroleum based down the drain and wait for it to unclog.

Step Three: Put some gloves on. Take off the drain’s p-trap then scrape the candle wax from the pipe. If there is a small clog, odds are the candle wax hardened inside the pipe before it actually cleared the p-trap. If you’re attempting to clear the toilet clog, push the candle wax down the drain as far as it’ll go; and take off the p-trap.

Step Four: Snake your drain. If there is a deep clog, you might require a snake. Although the snake doesn’t always clear the candle wax, it is worth a shot if the candle wax has not responded to any additional method.

While the DIY approach might work in the short-term, you are just treating the symptoms, not the possible underlying issues. Most of the do-it-yourself products clear the blockage by utilizing caustic chemicals that dissolve the clog. Repeated usage of those products creates further damage to the pipes, which includes leaks or clogs, by dislodging a clog from one place inside the pipe then relocating elsewhere that is worse, such as a u-bend or main sewer line. Any of these conditions requires the experience of skilled drain cleaning professionals.

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