Routine HVAC Maintenance can Prevent Water Damage


The primary purpose of routine maintenance is to prevent equipment breakdown and promote satisfactory long term performance, and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC) are no exception!

Frequent HVAC maintenance and repair service, has the uncanny potential to abort several relative issues and their associated exorbitant costs before they even begin.

Whether you and your loved ones reside in a single family home or in a multi-family apartment complex, ‘home is home’, and it takes, or should take ‘a village’ to maintain it!


  • Tenant 1 resides on the upper level of a multi-family apartment complex.
  • One day, Tenant 2 (who resides in the unit directly below Tenant 1), detects signs of hidden water intrusion in her home.
    • The Clue?  An unexplained ‘growing’ spot on the ceiling of one of the rooms in her home.
    • Fully aware of the potential repercussions associated with delayed water damage restoration, Tenant 2, promptly contacts a water damage restoration professional, who arrives at her home within the hour.
    • The water damage restoration professional, first sources the leak to a clogged and overflowing HVAC system in the apartment directly above (which belongs to Tenant 1), then subsequently remedies the situation.

Needless to say, Tenant 1 is and has been in dire need of preventive HVAC maintenance for a while.

So, what really happened here?

There is such a thing as ‘the domino effect’, and in the above scenario, matters could have taken a terrible turn as a result. Continuous overflow of water from the clogged HVAC system in the unit above could have potentially caused the drywall ceiling in the unit below to collapse!

However, excellent judgement by Tenant 2, allowed the water damage situation to be promptly, efficiently and professionally resolved.

The Fact of the Matter

Without ‘getting into’ all the inconveniences inflicted and debating on who would be responsible for what, the fact of the matter remains:

  • This water damage situation could have could have been prevented, period!

Routine maintenance really does cost less

Most times, in an effort to save money, we end up spending more. HVAC systems are rather intricate, so if they are not maintained routinely, they have the potential to cause several ‘proverbial headaches’.

For instance, what may start out as a minor leak due to overflow from a clogged HVAC drainage system, can quickly escalate into a full blown mold infestation, collapsed ceiling or even compromised health problems; all of which could have been prevented in the first place by routine HVAC maintenance!

In addition, there is the potential for increased energy consumption, as a result of your HVAC system having to work harder than usual to yield and maintain the ‘right’ temperature in your home. Basically, what that means is you can expect a larger than usual monthly energy bill.

8 + 1 Benefits of HVAC routine maintenance

  1. Excellent indoor temperatures
  2. Controlled energy consumption
  3. Prolonged HVAC lifespan
  4. Minimum HVAC repair expenses
  5. Good indoor air quality
  6. Health protection
  7. Early diagnoses of potentially major HVAC issues
  8. Lead time to prepare for the next routine maintenance and/or the replacement of damaged parts.


  1. The ability to save thousands of dollars which would otherwise have been spent on water damage restoration and mold remediation and removal.

The Bottom Line

Since ‘prevention is better than cure’, wouldn’t it be much cheaper and easier to incorporate routine HVAC maintenance into your budget and schedule, thereby save yourself a lot of preventable hassle?

Just saying……

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