Improve Air Quality with These 3 Tips

You might not realize it, but the air quality inside of your home could be just as detrimental as the air outside. All of air quality washington dcthe pollen, smog and outdoor contaminants can easily make their way inside of your home before you know it. Dust, mold, odors, pet dander and mildew can creep into your home and cause headaches, scratchy throats and itchy eyes. Your home is filled with chemicals like fire retardant, lead, formaldehyde and radon. Roughly 4.6 million people suffer from asthma because of mold. To help minimize the effects and increase air quality in Arlington, here are a few tips to help you out.

Regularly Clean the Air Ducts

Your HVAC system distributes more dust than you realize. Because of this, you need to look into regular air duct cleaning at least once every five years. Clean air ducts help reduce the contaminants floating in the air and improve air quality in Arlington. It also helps your HVAC system function more efficiently.

Get a Better Air Filter

To remove the larger particles in the air, you need to look into changing out your air filter. A pleated filter tends to work well at removing large dust particles, but you need to change them out every month. When it comes to removing both small and large particles, you might want to go with an electrostatic filter. These filters work well for almost every situation. You only need to change them once every three months.

Let the Fresh Air Inside

When the temperature outside is a little milder, you might want to open your windows and allow the cool breeze in. Because of the fresh air making its way through your home, you can eliminate any stale odors and improve air quality in Arlington. Fresh air also reduces humidity levels and mold and mildew growth.

You can always look into air quality testing to get a better idea of what it is that you are dealing with. An air quality test kit will provide you with the answers you seek in the shortest amount of time possible. Give our team a call to go over some of the options available to you today.