How to Keep a Dog and Cat-Friendly House Clean

dog and cat-friendly house washington dcInside dog and cat-friendly houses, pets are critical family members who bring love – as well as messes – into our lives. Cats and dogs have hairy coats which bring all things from the outside in, and houses that have dogs contain more dander and bacteria on pillow coverings, upholstery, and other areas.

Nevertheless, it’s possible to share your house with pets and keep it odor-free and clean without too much extra work. The secret includes sticking with specific ground rules for your pet and yourself, keep your dog or cat groomed, and streamline the process of cleanup.

Groom or Bathe Your Pet Often

Routine grooming assists in keeping pet hair off the furniture and carpet. Groom your pet outside to minimize airborne particles which may lead to allergies. Bathe your dog every couple of weeks and, in between, use grooming wipes.

Cleanly Feed Your Pet

Give consideration to feeding your pets inside an outer room or utility area, preferably an area that has a sink for washing serving spoons and pet dishes. Clean pet water and food dishes using dishwashing soap and hot water and dry using a paper towel.

Do not feed your pets on carpeted spaces, because it’s more challenging to clean. Set water and food bowls inside a plastic tray to assist in protecting your flooring from spills. Felines may be fed on a worktop instead of on your floor.

Get Pet Fur off of the Furniture, Curtains, and Carpet

Suction pet hair off of the drapes and sofa with the upholstery tool upon your vacuum cleaner. In order to get hair off of chairs, blankets, and additional spaces in which your pet sits, brush that space with your hand as you wear wet rubber gloves. Rinse gloves under tap water, scoop hair out from the sink, and toss it away.

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