How to Keep Warm When Your Electricity Goes Out

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As your electricity goes out within a winter weather emergency, you must be ready to keep your loved ones warm and safe until the power gets turned back on again. From stocking up on critical weather-emergency supplies to identifying emergency sources of heat, below are tips on what you can do when your electricity is out at your house:

Bundle Up

As it is cold outside, and your electricity goes out, remaining warm begins with bundling up. Now is a great time to find your hats, coats, and mittens you might’ve stored away after the previous winter. Also, thermal underwear and thick socks may assist in staving off the cold;therefore, get some for every household member. Keep in mind that it is always simpler to take off layers to remain comfortable than it is to become warm using extra layers once you are too cold; therefore, dress wisely.

Buy a Generator

You will want to have accessibility to an emergency source of heat if you reside in a colder climate and will be without electricity for any time length. A generator may supply power to run a space heater. Make certain to have an abundance of fuel on hand, and always run generators outdoors.

Identify Shelters within Your Neighborhood

If conditions grow worse or you’re without heat for along time period, you might have to search for an emergency shelter within your locality. Figure out where the closest shelters are located before a winter storm strikes, because you might not have the ability to access those details within a power outage.

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