Keeping Mold from Spreading After Water Damage

preventing mold growthThere’s a 48 to 72 hour window between water intrusion and the start of mold growth. If the flooded spaces are thoroughly dried off inside this time gap, mold will have very little opportunity to develop.

Correct drying is of critical importance for preventing the growth of mold. Drying the flooded spaces within the initial 48 hours after the incident may prevent mold from growing.

However, proper drying is very difficult. Water may find its way into all types of materials and spread inside walls, underneath floors, and throughout ceilings on its way to the lowest point within your home.

1. Remove excessive water

Removing the excessive water from your house and opening a window or door to permit air flow from the outdoors won’t dry out those inaccessible spaces in time. Plus, if any quantity of moisture lingers inside your wall cavities, behind your baseboards, or underneath your carpet padding, mold has more than sufficient time to begin to develop before it dries up.

2. Dry the space

Besides, folks typically concentrate their efforts on drying the space which was flooded and neglect areas nearby in which water might’ve flowed concealed within wall cavities or underneath tile or carpet. Therefore, even if someone believes that the house is dried out, sufficient moisture might be left behind to enable mold to begin to grow.

In order to successfully extract all excessive moisture from your house in the 48 to 72 hour window when drying may prevent mold from growing, you’ll require expert drying services. The professionals have the technical knowledge and specialized equipment necessary to safely extract standing water, find hidden problems, and completely dry your house, and prevent more mold growth and damage.

Professional Mold Removal and Water Damage Cleanup At Triangle Legacy

Triangle Legacy uses dehumidifiers and industrial air movers to evaporate all moisture from the impacted materials then draws that moisture from the air and pumps it out of your house, thereby stopping mold from growing in your home. Triangle Legacy’s highly effective procedures, tools, and methods enable us to keep drying times to a minimum – and quicker drying means less time and smaller opportunity for mold to develop, helping avoid expensive repairs and health issues occurring as a consequence of fungal contamination.