Kitchen Renovation Services

Kitchen Renovation Services Arlington VA

If you find yourself needing to employ Inspector Clouseau to help you find that specific saucepan; or hire a ‘domestic traffic cop’ to help you streamline traffic through your kitchen, then you my friend, are in urgent need of kitchen renovation services!

At Triangle Legacy, we boast not only expertise, but also knowledge and passion for every project we undertake. Whatever your reason for kitchen renovation services may be, rest assured that we’ve got you covered!

We believe that communication is key, so we provide a free (complimentary) consultation and estimate prior to the commencement of any potential job.

During this complimentary consultation and estimate, we typically meet with you at the potential service address, to discuss and define your goals and expectations. No job is too big or too small for us.

Ultimately, it is our primary mission to ensure your utmost satisfaction with little to no stress.

We currently serve all areas within a 30 mile radius of the Arlington VA, Springfield and other areas in Northern Virginia.

A few good reasons to renovate your kitchen

Apart from ‘pure necessity’, as an unfortunate result of fire & smoke damage/restoration; flood & water damage/restoration and/or mold mitigation/remediation, kitchen renovations can also be carried out in order to:

  • Create more space;
  • Modernize your kitchen by introducing more convenience and elegance;
  • Reduce energy costs by installing energy efficient appliances;
  • Improve property resale value.

So, why choose Triangle Legacy for your kitchen remodeling needs?

Finding tailored solutions to meet your requirements is ‘the heart’ of our kitchen renovation services.

Not only does our team understand the hassle and expense involved in kitchen renovation projects, but we also empathize with the inevitable inconvenience involved. We concur with your expectations for high quality work sans unnecessary delays.

That being said, we guarantee you the most transparent communication, planning and commitment to the project right from the start. We also guarantee you excellent customer service.

In short, with Triangle Legacy, you will be getting ‘an experience, not just service!

We are optimistic that you will be pleased. We do have 61 five-star reviews on Google to prove it!

Every little detail counts!

When it comes to planning, we cut no corners whatsoever!

You see, the omission of even the most minute detail can create a huge blemish on the overall outcome, and that is not our modus operandi!

With the combination of your dream and our knowledge & expertise, we typically work together to make your dream(s) come true!

Our Sample Thought Process

  • What is the size and type of your relevant appliances? Are you going to replace them? Knowing where the fridge and oven will be situated before planning the cabinetry is essential!
  • Then we have the ‘sacred’ work triangle: fridge, stove, sink. The busiest work areas should be in close proximity to each other and easy to reach.
  • How about the small items, which often go unnoticed? From silverware to napkins and aprons, everything should have its own place.
  • What about glassware, dishes, pans, and everything else you keep in the kitchen? Having enough storage room is vital!
  • Counter space! That’s the magic phrase everyone dreams of but rarely gets in excess. Counters always seem to be occupied, or should we say cluttered? Can you imagine not having space to chop up your onions for your gourmet Christmas meals? Calamity!

And then, there are the little things (which are actually grand…)

  • Take lighting, for example. Who wants to kneel and search for that skillet in a dark cabinet? It literally takes two minutes to prepare an omelet, so why spend five minutes looking for the skillet with which to make the omelet? Talk about losing your appetite! There are lights for all parts of the kitchen. From under the cabinet to over the counter LED strip lights.
  • How about the kitchen flooring? Tiles, hardwood, carpet? Tell us what you want and let us advise you on long-lasting floor options.
  • What type of backsplash would make your day……everyday? Color, style, design are all important.

One more reason to trust Triangle Legacy with your Kitchen Renovation Needs

More often than not, a kitchen renovation project starts after a water or fire calamity.

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), during the period of 2010-14, 46% of the reported home fires started in the kitchen and particularly by cooking. Isn’t it interesting how water has a way of always showing up at the ‘crime’ scene? Be it from firefighting efforts, or a busted pipe!

Our team at Triangle Legacy has exceptional expertise in fire & smoke damage restoration.

As an added bonus,

As our trademark, we boast integrity, reliability & professionalism as well as expertise and passion.

Our primary goal?

To ensure that you are completely satisfied and that the entire process is as stress free as possible as we diligently work to either restore your home/property to its pre-loss condition or simply to make your dream come true!

For a free consultation relative to your kitchen renovation needs, please contact us at (301) 523-9419.